Five tips to build self-confidence now.

Move forward in all that you do.

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Self-confidence is a feeling of trust one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment. You have this sense of belief that you can do anything. You are willing to bet on yourself. But what if you don’t feel that way.

Some people lack the trust in themselves to dance well or play a sport. Maybe you are unsure if you can tackle that homework you were assigned the day before. Whatever it is there is something that we are not confident about.

In no particular order, here are my top five tips to regain your confidence today.

1. Writing

Write down things you’re tolerating or dealing with, cross out what’s not needed. We all have busy lives and we just get caught up in doing a lot of unnecessary things. We need to prioritize what we want most in our lives and eliminate the things that we don’t want to tolerate.

2. Get out the box

Stop trying to fit in with other people. Be yourself. Stop putting yourself into boxes based on what you think people like about you. It’s better to be an original than the copy. Don’t be scared to do what you want. Just say to yourself “ The critics don’t matter”. Surround yourself around people who make you feel like you. Spend more time with the people who support you and less with those who criticize you.

3. Block out the noise

Don’t get caught up in the drama of what’s happening right now. Find ways to be more productive to improve your human capital.

4. Look yourself in the mirror and smile

Smiling almost builds your confidence instantaneously. Look yourself in the mirror and create some positive affirmations.

Try these:

I can be better than I was yesterday.

Today I can do all things through Christ Jesus (or whoever you believe in).

Today is the day I will take a chance; big or small and I will succeed.

5. Improve every day

It’s never too late to start over. If you were satisfied with your day yesterday, try something different today. Don’t remain stuck in the same routine. Become and do better.

These tips have been very useful since living abroad in Vietnam. Being in a different country is challenging. And living in a different country challenges your ability in overcoming obstacles.

I’m hoping these tips (and others) can help you build your confidence and self-esteem. Each day I believe that we are all striving to become better human beings.

We are all at different stages in our lives but we need to start somewhere when it comes to building self-confidence.