The Black Creed

Discovering my identity one day at a time.

There is no right way to being black man, but the media portrays us as monsters. I wanted to leave home because I got tired of the back and forth. So I started to establish my own version of what it means to be a black man.

My identity as a black man means that I’m a part of a tenacious group of people who came from royalty (historically). I’m intelligent, wise and raised on black excellence.

My blackness means self-love and affection towards people. It also means that I’m human and it’s okay to show and/or be emotional. I’m strong beyond my wildest thoughts; mentally, physically and spiritually. It also means that my skin pigmentation is beautiful and doesn’t require social acceptance.

Being a black man means I’m free to do what I want in life and to celebrate and encourage freedom from the mental and systemic prisons we’re in. It also means that I align my blackness with a variety of interests and not stereotypical activities derived from ignorance.

My blackness pushes limitations to new heights and breaks the glass ceiling; while achieving the unthinkable. My blackness does not keep me from excelling nor does my past dictates my future.

I as a black man learn, appreciate and honor the people that came before me who paved the way for my freedoms today.

Black men are extraordinary.

Black men are sensational.

Black men are remarkable.

Black men are incomparable.

Black men are phenomenal.

Black men are kings.

Black men are necessary.

My blackness overcomes all obstacles and that with my power of will, wisdom and mental fortitude, anything is possible.