April 13 2017

TGIT Div11F! Have a great long weekend!

  1. Math:
    -Unit test Tuesday
  2. Design:
    -Please join Div11F classroom online using the access code: JF02–41C9
    -Complete the 5 lessons on “How to create a spaceship”.
    -Post your final design on your Digital Portfolio. Use the print screen (Google it if you don’t know) function on your computers to get an image of your final design.
    -Reflect on the following question “Based on what you know, how would you explain why engineers, might use a program like TinkerCad before producing their final product?”
  3. English:
    -5 poetic devices: Due April 18.
    -First journal intake. Due April 28th.
    -Poetic devices studies so far: simile, personification, imagery, symbolism, mood, metaphor, rhythm,
  4. Science:
    -Newton Inquiry Project: Due date ongoing.
    -Continue your research. Pick your law.
  5. French:
    -Ted Talk on a topic of your choice. Must be a minimum of 5 minutes.
    -Ted Talk: Due TBD

Neat video of the day:

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