April 5 2017

  1. Math:
    -5e: p.164–165
    -6e: p.160–161
    -Quiz Friday.
  2. Design:
    -Key workshop. Due April 10th.
    -There are two parts this week: 
    Part 1: Once completed, upload your design to your digital portfolio.
    Part 2: Include a second image of a RE:designed key. What improvements have you made? Why did you decide to design it the way you did. Upload the image below and reflect on it.
  3. English:
    -Reflections & Journaling on today’s lesson themes (Pain and Loneliness). Q: Why do you think so many poets write about pain and loneliness? Do you think it’s necessary for an artist to “suffer”, to produce great art?
    -Acquainted With the Night analysis. Due Tuesday.
    -First journal intake. Due April 28th.
  4. Science:
    -Here are the questions for you to try out RE: N 2nd law of motion. See me for answers:
    1. What acceleration will result when a 12 N net force applied to a 3 kg object? A 6 kg object?
    2. A net force of 16 N causes a mass to accelerate at a rate of 5 m/s2. Determine the masse?
    3. How much force is needed to accelerate a 66 kg skier 1 m/sec/sec?
    4. What is the force on a 1000 kg elevator that is falling freely at 9.8 m/sec/sec?

Neat video of the day:

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