Feb 21 2017

  • Math:
    -5e et 6e: p.250–251
    -Mark you work, checking tomorrow.
  • Science Expo:
    -Presentation on Feb 23 2017.
    -Be prepared. Have your board ready, presentation memorized, artifacts and experiments prepared. We set up first thing Thursday morning. I can’t to see all the hard work you’ve put into this come to fruition!
  • Graphic Novel:
    -Due: Feb 28 2017
    -Start working on your cover and back of your novel.
  • Clowning Routine:
    -Due: Feb 28 2017
    -Your character should be prepared.
    -You should have a clear idea of the events, if not a semi polished routine ready. Practice, practice, practice!
    -Do not forget your personal reflection on comedy and your clowning experience.
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