Teacher Jayven trains you to SPEAK ENGLISH FLUENTLY

$120 for 30 sessions (limited time, only 5 slots remaining)

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Happy New Year folks! I’m Teacher Jayven, TESOL-qualified professional teacher who’s been helping Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese teens and adults improve their English for 7 years.

Check out these videos — -> https://goo.gl/DzAJ8t

2018 has been great so far, and now I have more free time to accommodate only 5 new students. Yes, that’s ONLY 5 new students.

For $120, I’ll give you 30 sessions of 40-minute lesson that will surely improve your speaking skills. You’ll learn to speak like your favorite Hollywood actor. You’ll be able to think in English without mentally translating from your native language. You’ll never run out of things to say in a conversation. (You’ll also pass the IELTS Speaking Test easily.) How confident will you be if you’re able to do all these things?! You’ll dramatically improve your marketability and success in your business, career or studies because come on folks, English is the language of business in the 21st century. What’s more? I can even teach you to write well.

You’ll just need a computer, a good microphone with headphone and a Skype account.

I’ll give you FREE trial lesson within the week, BUT YOU HAVE TO ACT FAST… because as you know, I will accept ONLY 5 new students. Secure your Trial Class here — -> https://goo.gl/forms/pFXlsKZIT41PcizG2


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