Block Soccer — Brick Football Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

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The game instructions are very simple as you will be swiping from left to the right to find the right target and release the hands as the ball will be shot automatically, make sure that you are putting some plans for the features on how to destroy hard rocks, get the boosters with help of Block Soccer — Brick Football cheats.

Block Soccer — Brick Football was created and published by “Black Pearl Games Ltd” company and it is available to be downloaded freely on every Android and IOS platform.


Tap on the screen and jump right into the game as you will not be facing any sort of complications, the game is simply based on shooting a ball right into bricks and destroying them, this is more like the old dx game that we have used a small ball and it kept bouncing and destroying out rocks and stones to increase the total score, thesis the exact same idea, but this time you will be playing as a footballer whom is kicking balls that is strong enough to take down the blocks.

The most important thing is to aim at the right target and snatch the best opportunity, one single mistake and you will be wasting the ball and each miss means the rock will keep going down and getting closer to you at the end eventually, you will lose the entire game.

Increase The Scores by Taking Down Rocks.

Hitting the rock successfully will increase your coins and score, but the fun does not end here actually as the game is coming packed up with several features that will change the gameplay entirely, there is a number of hits that some stones must be hit in order to get destroyed, you can see the counter of hits written right over the stone and it will decrease after each single hit, and once the ball is back to the starting point, it will simple become available to be shot once more.

At each round the stones will get stronger and more hits are required from you in order to pass the level, follow the given Block Soccer — Brick Football tips for quick results.

React Fast and Quick.

Now the time is running out and you need to figure out a way that will make you accomplish the current level and proceed to the next stage successfully, so we need more than a single ball and at the single shot we have to hit this rock several times, and the best way to do so is by using the theory of reflection, we will be speaking about it with more details on the next part of Block Soccer — Brick Football guide.

Reflection Will Save You Time.

The idea of reflecting the ball right back into the stone once more after even hitting it, using the aiming crosshair will show you exactly where the ball is going to hit and the reflecting point as well, try to use the curved and keep the shot balls trapped, as it will keep jumping from one stone to another and deal massive damage to the targets which will give you another chance to survive for another day.

With the Block Soccer — Brick Football cheats you will be also having the ability to purchase boosters and apply upgrades to the player whom is hooting, and for more information related to the upgrade center, jump to the next part

Unlock New Boosters and Features with The Block Soccer — Brick Football hack!

As the coins number increasing, you should be aware that there will be a high score counter, and with a Facebook connecting to the game, you will get the chace to share the scores that you have managed to get and brag about it over your friends, get Block Soccer — Brick Football hack and use the boosters to reach your goal eventually.

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