Cars: Lightning League Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

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Welcome to the famous Cars game, this time you will be playing with the legendary McQueen in a game that is very similar to the “Subway” game but the main difference that you are driving your car and your goal is to explore new places and beat your friend’s records in each road, improve the gaming quality with the Cars Lightning League cheats service.

Cars Lightning League was published by “Disney” company and it is available to be downloaded on Android and IOS platforms.

Quick Intro.

Usually in our reviews we tend to start by giving a quick introduction about the game and its origins, but in this case, cars game is very well known and it is already famous so we do not have to give the regular introduction and we are heading directly to the tutorial and the basics of the game, so keep on reading our valuable Cars Lightning League guide and do not blink because every word counts.

Gameplay Tips.

At the starting line you must focus on keep the gauge meter in the green zone as this will deliver the optimal head start for your car and allow you to accelerate much better than your opponents.

And now to the most important part which is the controls, your highest priority is to avoid crashing at any cost and after this mission will follow up some small takes and headlines at the same time.

The controls are very simple as it is based on swiping on different directions, the car will keep on running at the given track and it is consisting of three different lanes but there will be always an empty lane to help you to survive through the challenge.

Swipe with your fingers left to change the lane directly to the left side, and the opposite in order to shift to the right lane, double swipe in order to shift two lanes at the same time, remember you can change the lanes any time you want.

Change The Lanes and Dodge Any Upcoming Obstacle.

Whilst you are on your way, there will be lanes highlighted with blue color and has an upside arrows over it, make sure to swipe forward to jump and gain a speed boost, and whilst your car in the air, remember that you can change lanes as well and collect the coins over there, follow our impressive Cars Lightning League tips as they were written by the top tier team to make the game much more enjoyable for you.

Destroy Crates with Style!

On your way, there will be crates which could contain many valuable items and rewards, we will be covering it with more details later on here, but remember for now that you must swipe down in order to smash the crates and that is the only way to go past these crates successfully.

And now you are aware of the game basics and ready to go on your own on the road, complete the given objective by driving for 3000 more meters and that will be it for the starting tutorial, and for our role here as well we will be recommending you to use Cars Lightning League cheats as well for optimum experience.

Purchase The Boosters Easily with Cars Lightning League Hack!

Once you crash into any obstacle you will have to start all over from the beginning but there is an option which allows you to restart from the last point that you have crashed at by spending gems, this is not very common due to the rarity of the gems at the game, so spend it wisely or consider using the Cars Lightning League hack as well to provide your account with the gems you want without having to pay a single penny.

Also you could use these gems to purchase boosters and power-ups and all of them will work on doubling out your scores from the races and help to complete as many missions as possible in very short period.

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