Cooking Craze Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

By using the Cooking Craze cheats, you can now get gold coins and gold bars to upgrade and buy completely new restaurants.

Cooking Craze is released on 13 July 2017, as the game is created and developed by Big Fish Games.

Cooking Craze is now available free to download to all the Android devices with firmware of 4.1 and higher through Google Play, Cooking Craze is safe to play for your children as it is rated for three plus only, but watch out because there are in game purchases that you can get upgrades for your kitchen to faster the process of the production, but you can get rid hands on the Cooking Craze cheats to get the gold needed.

Simple request for Cooking Craze.

When you first open Cooking Craze for the first time on your mobile device, the Cooking Craze guide will tell you that you can access your Big Fish account and friends, so please grant access to files on your device, so the Cooking Craze tips will tell you that it is safe to allow the Cooking Craze to get the access to your photos, media and files on your device, o if you simply agree to these terms, just tap on the agree button, and if you do not agree, you can decline as the game will start as well without any problems, but you can not save your progress in Cooking Craze.

If you want to be the world’s best chef? So start with the donuts!

Cooking Craze is a delicious game to play, if you are not hungry and play the game, you will be hungry for sure, as the first thing that you will cook in the game is the donuts, so immediately after finishing this donut, you will go to the kitchen and begin to prepare your own donuts.

Cooking is an easy operation, just follow the recipe and it will be easy with practice.

To begin cooking, just tap on the item that you want to cook first, in our case, let us start with the first order of the game, which is making new sweet donuts, so just look for the donuts and then tap on them, as they are at the bottom left corner of your device’s screen, then place them in the oil and wait for them for a while, then bring them back and place them in the chocolate then deliver them with juice.

Server as many customer as you can!

Your main job in Cooking Craze, is to serve the customers, as each customer has his own choices, for an example a customer will ask you for a donut that covered in chocolate and with juice, then another one wants the donut without any topping, and so on, so focus on your order and do not deliver an order to another customer, and be careful as they are always busy, so do not keep one of them wait longer than the others and try to deliver your items quickly, to allow them to give you extra tips.

Focus on each customer individually.

At the end of each level, you will be rewarded with gold coins and other resources that you will need in the game.

Each level you will have a limited number of customers so try to take the advantage of them as they will give you more tips if you served them quickly enough to be satisfied to play you more.

Moreover, do not forget to upgrade your kitchen to be able to serve more donuts at once.

By using the Cooking Craze hack, you can get free lives!

If you login via Facebook, the Cooking Craze guide will give you a welcome bonus plus two hundred gold coin, in addition you will be able to give and get lives from friends, and do not forget that you can always get the lives needed by using the Cooking Craze hack for free as always.

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