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This game is very unique of its own, as it will be taking you through a new sort of a journey that has no limits or borders, you can give the freedom to your imagination to fly as high as possible and craft whatever you want to see in your kitchen, becoming the master cook and take your restaurant from the bottom ground right to the top, become the greatest restaurant the world has seen.

The fun does not end here, as you work on improving your own restaurant rating and branches, you have to keep learning new food recipes and master them out, this will bring variety to your restaurant menu and improve the quality as a whole, personally we would recommend you to take a look over Cooking Craze cheats, this is something that will serve all your needs and help you to reach your destination as fast as possible in almost no time.

Cooking Craze was created and published by “Big Fish Games, Inc.” company and it is available on Android and IOS stores to be downloaded and played freely.

Quick Intro.

As the game begins there will be a quick and small permission in order to get things right into order, the game will ask for access to the game device in order to be able to save the game data locally, but we will come right to this point later on with more details, but remember that such a permission is completely optional, you can still play the game and enjoy all of its features without giving it the permission.

Moving next to the starting scene where you will find only two buttons to choose from, the first one is to head directly into the gameplay and start enjoying the game, and the other button is responsible for the Facebook login option.

The Facebook login feature is something that has been increasing and it is almost in every single game out there, try to always stay concentrated as much as possible because using the Facebook account of yours to login through any game is something you need to have, it will keep your data safe and secure no matter what happens, retrieving your data is now a single tap away from you with this amazing feature, so we highly recommend it in our Cooking Craze guide.

Gameplay with Details.

We have decided that creating a gameplay experience is something very necessary as it will allow our readers to become fully aware of the game events and features, which leaves no stone unturned.

First thing to do in the kitchen is to follow the MasterChef whom is responsible to put you on the track and teach you the most basics about the game, consider following the given Cooking Craze tips by his side at the start and you shall not face any possible trouble form this moment on.

Tap the dough to create your first one, but let’s give you a quick vision over how the game exactly works, because we can understand that you are a new player and such a system is not very understandable, but at first move we have to recommend the usage of Cooking Craze cheats, this will change your whole gaming experience as it will provide you with the necessary amounts of spoons without asking for a price in return, this shall make your restaurant reach stages that you would have never dreamt of, but let’s continue what we started and get back into the gameplay events.

Satisfy Your Customers and See Your Restaurant Grow.

Every customer enters your restaurant, there will be a mini window appearing next to him connected to a timer, this timer indicates his anger levels and when he will simply rage on you or simply leave the restaurant, if this ever happens then this meant that the rating of your restaurant shall decrease and attract less customers, that is not playing in your favor by any means, you must do whatever is possible in order to satisfy them all and get them on the right track, be fast and react quickly to the customers’ demands.

Previously we been speaking about the importance of satisfying your customers, and that is something very crucial because this will indicate your journey to the top of the world as a leading restaurant service and how it is going to affect your gameplay.

Personally we would recommend the users to take a look over the Cooking Craze cheats and how it will be changing their experience, also you will be able to purchase all the needs for improvements and customer service tools in order to serve as many customers as possible whilst keeping them happy.

Use Them Boosters for Guaranteed Success.

The game is following a certain sequence and you will not be able to overpass it, but we can give you the right instructions and materials that will guarantee you to reach a further stage at the missioning system.

After completing each mission successfully there will be a small report that will show you how good was your performance during the certain mission, and it will also place you in a comparison with players from your friends list in a sort of a leaderboard but that is only available for the players whom are connected to the game with their Facebook account, and that is when you will realize the importance and power of this feature.

Do not forget about the rewards for completing each mission, depending on your performance the difficulty of the stage, the reward shall increase, and if you are facing some sort of difficulties to get past a certain mission, then the optimal solution we got here is the Cooking Craze hack, it will allow you to get them boosters which will give you a fast head start and come over most of them problems.

Enjoy The Full Features of the Game and Lead the Challenging Table with Your Friends with Help of Cooking Craze Hack Freely!

Taking a look over the settings menu to explore out the different parts of the game which could become very functional at most of the times, the game is giving you the option to change the sounds and music by turning them on or off via a single tap, on the other side the language could be changed easily, the game is supporting several languages to play it in, and that is a very unique feature that would keep you Enlighted.

There is an option also to restore your purchases at the game, but actually once you put your hands over Cooking Craze hack there will not be any need to actually invest into the game using your credit card under any condition.

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