Hello Kitty Dream Cafe Hack, Cheats, Tips & Guide

We are preferring the idea of giving our readers a quick look over the game, they are about to download. Only download it, if you are a fan of the cooking games, as the game events are running around establishing a new café, that you have been always dreaming of. There will be many struggles and challenges waiting for you down there. But all of these ups and downs, they are the only thing that is giving a meaning to the game.

The major problem you will be facing down there is the lack of gems, the gems are literally doing everything. But this could be solved by using the Hello Kitty Dream Cafe cheats service, it will provide you with any selected amount of gems and it is totally for free. When we speak about the security wise, this is your safest bet. There will be no backtracks as the gems will be sent directly to your account in a form of a gift.

Hello Kitty Dream Cafe was created and published by “Sanrio Digital Europe” company, this is one of the biggest gaming companies in the field. So you should be expecting to find the game compatible with almost every Android or IOS platform out there easily.

Welcome Hello Kitty Dream Café!

The game begins by actually opening your new café, so congratulations! But since this is going to be your first day, we are expecting you to be nervous around. But no worries, the Hello Kitty Dream Cafe guide shall become more than enough with providing you with the necessary starting information.

A quick note: it is advised to have an internet connection, to benefit from the various features the game provides, learn more about these features later on here.

Here comes your first customer! So you must prepare everything for him and try to make this as a good experience. So starting with guiding him to the food station, and this will be done by dragging your finger over him right to the desired place. Moving to the next phase, which is serving him. Tap the bubble above the customer and a staff member will come right over and serve them. Now with the last phase which is collecting the bill. Tapping the bubble will result in a staff that will automatically go to the cashier to collect the coins. I guess, everything is going well so far. but wait until things start to get complicated.

Fever Mode!

Your restaurant will contain more than a single food station, and that is totally depending on the customer’s preferences. Some of them will desire to eat through a certain one, so paying a close attention to the smallest details will save you the effort and time. The Hello Kitty Dream Cafe cheats can help you with expanding the restaurant and making it look much bigger. Which means that your customers base shall increase enormously and this is automatically a new advertising method.

When there are way too many customers for you and you cannot handle them all at once. You should take a look over your own special ability, it is called the fever mode!

Fever Mode: this mode will automatically activate when the bar at the top fills up! The game will speed up and you can earn more points by serving more customers in a very limited period of time. You will get used to it after playing for few hours. And let’s remind you once more with the importance of Hello Kitty Dream Cafe cheats and how it can help you to make your dream come true in no time.

Follow The Game Sequence Day After Day.

The missions in this game are split into days’ system, which means that you will be playing for a full day and once it is over, you shall move to the next day with new customers and services. This is totally depending on how you perform in that day, that is why we are recommending to get everything ready and set up in the café in order to waste no time, get it done instantly with Hello Kitty Dream Cafe cheats.

Upgrading your restaurant will come at a huge cost, and that is the main issue that the game developers are working on. you will realize after few hours of playing time, that the money you are earning is not matching up with the pace and you have to slow down or spend more time in order to reach your expectations and that is what we cannot understand at all. The gems are playing a very crucial role, in other words….it is controlling the entire gameplay, putting your hands over the Hello Kitty Dream Cafe hack could possibly solve this solution with almost no risk at all, so keep it in mind.

Keeping Track of Your Progression Is the First Step to Success.

At the end of each day, remember to keep track of your progress and see how much you have managed to earn throughout this day. There could be new plans in the horizon, upgrades necessary to fit all these customers coming there. Making them wait way too long until they get served, is the fastest way to lose your customers. And we are not planning to see that happen frequently. So getting Hello Kitty Dream Cafe is our safest bet here to get this problem solved for good.

Choose a decent name for yourself and the café at the same time, they must be short as possible so the customer would recognize it instantly, and also no swearing words are allowed or way too many characters, these are the only rules here in this part. And remember that, it is going to become one of the all-time greatest cafés in a very short period, just follow the given Hello Kitty Dream Cafe tips carefully and do not over react to the surrounding events.

The Chefs Challenge!

Every few months there will be challenge coming up, it might sound weird but it is actually something you should be aiming for to win it. It involves competing against other cafes in a series of challenges, to become the best café ever. And your cafe has been awarded the 10th most popular café at the starting scenes. This is actually something related to the game scenario and cannot be changed, but with Hello Kitty Dream Cafe hack, we are assuring from you reaching the top place easily.

Keep completing challenges and you will secure this position. Just do not forget to always make your customers as happy as possible and serve all their possible needs. Check the details of the challenge through the ranking application. It could be accessed from the main menu at the bottom bar.

Hire helpers in the café, and expand the entire place with new stations and bigger room to fit more customers. This should be the starting move. Cover your expenses with Hello Kitty Dream Cafe hack of course.

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