Mine Survival Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get your hands on the Mine Survival cheats, to unlock the Hell mode difficulty!

Mine Survival is released on 20 July 2017, as the game was created and developed by KyoungA Jung.

Mine Survival is now available for free to download on all the Android devices through Google Play, starting from the firmware of 4.0.3 and higher, as the game is also available for free to download on the Apple devices from IOS 8.0, as the game is compatible with IPhone, IPad, and IPod touch, the game is not suitable for the little children as it was rated for age of nine and plus,

Continue from your last checkpoint.

When you first open Mine Survival for the first time on your mobile device, when you get to choose your character first before entering the game, as when you play the game on your device, the next time that you will open your device, you can continue from the last checkpoint that you have reached earlier, so if this is your first time playing Mine Survival or you just want to start from the beginning, just tap on the new game button which is colored in orange and is located at the left side of your device’s screen.

Practice well, to perform in the Hell.

after that, you will have to choose with difficulty that you want to start your career in, as you can choose the normal mode, or the hard mode which you will need a golden key in order to unlock it, then there is the master difficulty which also needs the golden key, then last but not least there is the hell, which of course you will need the golden key to unlock it, or you can just unlock it for two dollars, or you can skip all of that and use the Mine Survival cheats to play it now for free.

Try to outsmart yourself, and search for new solutions!

The graphics of Mine Survival is so simple, and this gives the game a special feelings, as it is not a very complicated game, just a game that you will need to clear your mind.

You will start with your character laying on the ground, then you will find yourself at a jungle which is full of trees, so try to cut the trees with your bare hands, and collect the wooden pieces,

And try to outsmart yourself by searching for solution to your problems, as the previous cave men were doing, so in this situation try to search for a rock or something with a sharp edge to cut these trees faster than before.

Build your essential buildings and defend it.

Build your necessary objects like a camp of fire, and the worktable, as each of those will need specific materials to be built, so the Mine Survival guide will help you with this problem and will tell you what you will need in order to build something.

Defend your new land.

Defend yourself, as the animals in the jungle will feel your presence, as they will not welcome you, so they will attack you to leave them, so fight them and do let them destroy your buildings, the Mine Survival tips will give you the first tip of the game, as it says that you have to collect different materials of everything as you will need it later in the game.

Use the Mine Survival hack to get free rubies!

defend yourself, and as you kill your enemies you will be rewarded by gold coins.

Mine Survival is a big world that you can do anything that you like, the most important thing is to make a fence of bricks around your area to protect it from the strangers and the animals that will attack you, with the help if the Mine Survival hack, you can get free and unlimited rubies to use it in the game.

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