My Holiday Car Hack, Cheats, Tips & Guide

Pick up your favorite car for your holiday. There are over 10 different vehicles, and by different we mean several types. The 4x4, luxury card, and even the fast sports cars are available in there. Customize your car the way you want, there is a complete freedom in this part.

The fun part doesn’t end here, with each car you picking up from the garage, it will come with 5 interesting missions to be completed. And nothing is better than My Holiday Car Sunrise City cheats when it comes to 3rd party apps help. This will allow you purchase whatever car you want, and simply worrying no more at the customization section due to the cost.

My Holiday Car Sunrise City was created and published “Play with Games Ltd.” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on almost any Android or IOS platform. The requirements are very low, the graphics are not that high, so we are expecting it to be compatible with the most devices out there.

A Quick Look Over the Features.

Before we jump deeper into the gameplay features, we have to first give our readers a quick preview of the game including all the necessary and unnecessary settings inside the game, that could improve your gameplay in several ways. Keep reading our My Holiday Car Sunrise City guide for further instructions.

First of all, it is advised to follow the game twitter account and like their Facebook page. This move will allow you to get the latest updates on the game. also the idea of meeting new players and creating a small community over the social media accounts is such an interesting move.

Of course, if you have enjoyed the game, do not hesitate to pay a visit to the store and give it a decent rating. This could take few seconds from you, but it actually means a lot to the developers to motivate them in order to keep working on improving and upgrading the game.

Advanced Gameplay Instructions.

Right from this moment, I guess you are prepared to get advanced into the gameplay. And a quick starting note, do not forget to use the front camera when reversing. It will make your job much easier. Find more interesting My Holiday Car Sunrise City tips over here.

This is some sort of real life simulation, but of course it is not very realistic as they have been trying to add the fun factor very hard.

Intelligent and Simple UI.

We cannot speak much about the UI inside, it is very simple and that is not a bad thing. Actually any new player would find it comfortable to spend time on it and walkthrough the various parts of the game easily.

On the bottom right corner, you will find your acceleration and brakes pedals right to each other in different forms to be able to tell the difference. And when it comes to steering, you will be using arrows to change the direction of your car accordingly. But let’s not waste more time and get the My Holiday Car Sunrise City cheats for a better car handling.

Beat The Clock for Higher Rewards.

Your missions will be mainly set up with highlighted green lights, you must follow the highlighted path. But that is not the biggest concern here, as you have to make it under a certain time. So your needs for a faster and improved car will increase to make the missions easier, use the My Holiday Car Sunrise City hack for this purpose. It will definitely serve it perfectly.

Final Conclusion.

We are strongly believing in the idea of this game. We are simply considering it as the perfect time killing game, but still you can consider it as the main source for your career gaming due to the variety of missions and the nature of driving in there.

Enjoy playing through different missions by unlocking the full list of cars with My Holiday Car Sunrise City hack.

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