Road Warriors Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

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A racing game but it is not like any other racing game, you will be doing some stunts whilst fighting enemies and jumping over obstacles, the game is very challenging and will put you under heavy pressure, and you can use Road Warriors cheats to overcome the challenge.

Road Warriors was created and published by “Lucky Kat Studios” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS platform freely.


Bleep bloop, I have uploaded your brain into the simulation successfully and that is something very interesting, this is a message from the robot and we have nothing to do about it, this is actually an opener in the game.

And now let’s give you a quick vision over the gameplay and how is the car that you are driving working exactly, the first thing you should be aware of is knowing that the car has no braking pedal and it will keep moving forward none stop as everything will just fly by and you will end up crashing into the first obstacle, but it could be actually doing some new moves such as jumping and extra interesting stuff which you will get to find out later on here, keep reading our optimal version of Road Warriors guide as it was created recently by one of the greatest teams at our website in attempt to deliver the exact experience we had whilst playing the game.

Enjoy The Amazing New Stunts with The Car.

Now, let’s try out some crazy moves with this car, tap anywhere on the screen as the car moving by to jump in the air, and at this point I think you are doing some great job, we are actually blending up together, so as you are now aware of the principle of jumping higher, the next move should be understanding the fact that the timing is playing a very crucial role, knowing exactly when to jump will decide many things so make sure that you are adjusting it.

Let’s spice things up now and do some flips!

Right before a bump in the road, jump and keep your finger on the screen, and that is how you will be doing flips countlessly, but the main part is knowing exactly when to release your finger, as you have to land right on the wheels, any single mistake would simply lead to a complete disaster and the car will crash down.

Each time you will be doing a flip successfully there will be a small boost coming up right behind the engine which will increase your moving speed for a certain period of time.

Enjoy The Boost After Each Obstacle You Destroying.

The flame that you will be receiving from the flip will allow you to break through the obstacles as well, and that is a very strong thing, keep on reading our Road Warriors tips to make sure you are maximizing your game level.

Now we are simply missing only one part which is the combat, and now tap the crosshair to go into combat, tap on the enemy to fire and finish the job, destroying your opponent will actually give you a booster as well, increase your combat powers and the car performance as a whole with Road Warriors cheats help.

Unlock New Upgrades and Improvements Via Road Warriors Hack!

Move from one check point to another as this will be considered as the break point for you, during the break period you can visit the garage and start applying upgrades to the car and fix it to make it a better looking car in few simple taps, also the game progress could be saved at this location which will make it a respawn point for the car no matter what happens, get the coins through Road Warriors hack so you would be enjoying the game fully.

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