Rock Hero 2 Hack, Cheats, Tips & Guide

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This is a sequel to one of the most entraining music game ever, enjoy the advanced version with an improved features combined with several new notes to be played and listen to in the amazing classic mode, use Rock Hero 2 cheats to get them unlocked instantly.

Rock Hero 2 was created by “Play365” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.


Game starts with a simple menu that includes almost everything you would be looking for a game with a simple tap away from you, so stay alert and know exactly where your destination will be, keep on reading the following Rock Hero 2 guide carefully to learn more about the features of the game.

The play button will keep on popping up at the starting menu in pink color, so let’s tap over it and live the gameplay experience.

You will notice that the game screen is moving forward in three lanes track, and there will strings waiting for you to be picked up coming in three different colors, the green, blue and orange, your mission is to collect guitar strings and play a symphony, touch and hold the given three buttons once you are moving by a certain string and this is how you will be collecting them in this game, find more smart ways to collect as many strings as possible by following and reading our Rock Hero 2 tips.

Road TO Become a Pro.

At the top side you will find the score board, touch and hold the string to play and release a single note, keep holding the button for sensational note, keep touching to play a connected note and this is an advanced version of the most regular ones, and by now I guess you are aware of all the types of notes which could be played on your guitar and ready to enter the real experience.

Focus On the Long Strings.

By now we can assume that you are aware of the gameplay features and how exactly you will be performing on the playing pitch, so we have decided that adding some knowledge to the playing modes and how to choose between them, that would be considered as a smart addition.

So we are speaking about the speed of the strings and how frequently they are going to appear, this could be simply changed before you enter the challenge by moving the speed pointer to the far east side, followed up by the difficulty level which are coming in three levels, easy, normal and hard.

General Instructions.

The music or the note that you are going to play will change according to your own preference, you are going to select the note before you start the challenge, and there are several types and genres available in the game, rock, metal and techno, each one of them will be displayed with its length and your performance over there will be shown as well, use Rock Hero 2 cheats to be able to put your hands over several notes that will come as a blessing to your ears.

Use The Rock Hero 2 Hack to Unlock the Full Notes at The Game.

Enter the settings menu to take control over 4 important features first one is the sound, turning it off or not with a single tap but we are actually against turning it off at any reason because this is a game that was created to help you to listen to a good music performed by your hands.

On the second feature we got changing skin colors of the strings, you can reshuffle them and change the locations of each button easily, but the most important thing is the vibration which will keep you alive and get much more excited during the playtime, use Rock Hero 2 hack to obtain much more than you could imagine.