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Join Charlie brown and many other fantasy characters in their mission to destroy out the bubbles and rescue the birds whom are trapped inside, as you progress and move deeper into the gameplay the challenge will keep on becoming harder and new interesting features shall enlighten up your day will become available, that is why having the Snoopy Pop cheats by your side is something necessary over here.

Snoopy Pop was created and published by “Jam City, Inc.” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS platform.

Quick Intro.

Game begins with giving you to choose between two solid options, either to connect the Facebook account to the game and enjoy several features which we will be illustrating earlier on, or simply enter the game with the guest mode and still you will be playing the game but you are going to miss several features, read the following Snoopy Pop guide that was created by our best team to let you know exactly how the game looks from inside and which features will the Facebook connection bring to you.

Right here we will be illustrating the benefits of having your game connected to the Facebook, at the start there will be a reward that is consisted of 40 coins as soon as you connect it, and on the other hand is the ability of sending invitations to your friends and improve and expand the gaming community as a whole, that is a feature that is only available for the players whom are interested in playing the game with their friends, also the leaderboard system will be enabled among your friends so the completion will become much harder and would require much harder work from your side.


Your first mission ever is to save the birds, some of you could be expecting it to be a very easy task that is why you should not be following the trending thoughts around and focus on completing the given mission, right here we will be trying to teach you the basics of the game and move a little further deeper into the gameplay by mentioning some rare and unique Snoopy Pop tips.

Drag to aim the bubble and once you release the hands the bubble will head directly to the point that you have been aiming at, try to get three same types of the item in order to pop them out, three is actually the minimum number so if they are more than three there will not be a problem but actually that is a pro, and we will speak with more details about this point later on.

When you are aiming, there are many things that you have put them in your mind, the color of the bubble must be the same as the one that you are shooting because if they are different colors this will lead to a complete disaster, and we do not want any problems at the staring phase.

Simple and Smart UI for Beginners.

The birds whom you are supposed to save will be shown inside the bubbles, so you must be focusing on rescuing them out as fast as possible and do not distract yourself with any side mission, and to make sure that you are competing the given mission easily, use the Snoopy Pop cheats powers which will allow you get new boosters and clear the mission completely in very limited period of time, but you will learn over here how to take better control of the funds that you have in your own balance.

After completing each mission there will be a detailed report of your performance, and by a report we mean the three stars rating system will be shown over there and below it the overall score with a small comparison with the highest score that was achieved before on the same stage and if there is none then the new score shall become the new high score for the current mission instantly.

Unlock new worlds to get more help, and that should be your main target in this game from this point and further on, save the birds and walk around to unlock new places and challenges.

General Tips to Achieve the Highest Levels.

Sometimes the given starting up bubble would have no color that you can match it up, so tap over the character of yours as it will be giving you the ability to do a switch with another color only for a single time, so make sure that you are using the right color to shoot with it.

Some of the techniques to be followed is heading always for the top sides of the bubbles as if you have managed to take it down, then it will collapse with all of the remaining bubbles at the same time which will save you the matching effort and give you the opportunity to go for another target.

Keep track of your score by keeping an eye over the top bar on the screen, it will include the rating points and how good are you performing so far on the challenge, on the left side you can see the birds that you have freed and the remaining ones, on the right side is the total score of yours, always try to keep an eye over these statics as they are a reflection of your attitude, and do not worry as with some help of Snoopy Pop cheats, you shall be paving out your path to the top of the leaderboard easily.

Unlock New Boosters with The Snoopy Pop Hack Freely!

Sometimes things are not only based around matching bubbles together in a very ordinary way, there are some super powers and boosters hidden inside here and the time has come to reveal them out and let you know which ones will help you the most in this journey, but first remember that the Snoopy Pop hack is your ideal partner in this journey and will cover up all your expenses freely.

Remember to pop yellow bubbles to charge up Charlie brown’s KITE with bubble power, and once you manage to receive it check on the bottom left corner for Charles icon and tap over it to activate the help, this KITE works by destroying a certain full of bubbles completely no matter which color of bubbles are you using, it will fight its way through and reach the destination to explore and take out all the surrounding bubbles without mercy.

Completing the mission in a very limited time is something every player should be working on to improve, as you do not have the entire day to test out new techniques, the challenge is becoming harder and you have to adapt yourself to these changes and that is why there are two things that you have to do, at first use the Snoopy Pop hack to have enough coins to purchase boosters and other things, and for the second part is to learn more about the game features such as the Power jar and how it works.

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