South Park: Phone Destroyer Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get Any Amount of Resoruces by Using South Park Phone Destroyer Cheats for Free!

Enter the amazing game that will deliver to you all the south park characters, enjoy playing with Kyle, Stan, Kenny, And Cart man and go through the outstanding storyline, use the South Park Phone Destroyer cheats to overcome any obstacle.

South Park Phone Destroyer was created by “Ubisoft Entertainment” company and it is available to be downloaded on any Android or IOS platform.

Valuable Tips for Beginners.

Remember at firs that this game does contain the ability to purchase in app or watch advertisement in order to receive some rewards, you can simply disable these options by paying a visit to the settings menu which we will be covering later on with more details at our South Park Phone Destroyer guide.

Also note that Keel’s mystical theme cards are best at healing and energy manipulation, find more of these valuable and smart South Park Phone Destroyer tips mentioned down below, and do not hesitate to add them to you follow up list, also knowing that cart man’s fantasy theme cars are the best at buffing units on the battle field, and of course such an action like the buffing one is totally new to you, but you should know that buffing means adding extra defenses and powers to the units.

Customize Your Character Freely.

Game begins with the character creation phase, as you are given the task to create a kid that will become the main character in the upcoming events, moving now to the customization section.

There are tons of customizations available for you to play around with, and actually you are going to enjoy the fact that you can make the kid take the shape of anything starting with the gender switcher, moving next to the skin color, as there are almost 20 different color degrees.

And that was for the general customization, but as you get deeper into the game you will find the ability of changing how the eyes and eyebrows are looking, and choose between several choices all of them are available for free.


Previously we been speaking about the customizations section and this is not a big deal actually since you can simply edit your avatar later on at any time during the play time.

Moving directly into the gameplay and to your first battle ever that you are going to take place in, remember that this is a card game, which means that your power is accumulated depending on your deck and your cards powers overall, so follow our given methods in order to get your hands over the strongest deck possible out there.

Overview of The Combat.

The battle begins at the street of your neighborhood, and at the bottom side of the screen there will be your deck and cards which are available to be summoned shall highlight up for you and make summoning them process much easier, but keep in mind that each card will require from you a certain energy points in order to be summoned, so keep an eye over the card`s requirements and your energy stock before trying to summon any card, also the South Park Phone Destroyer cheats will make your stock of energy points very high that you would never face similar problems further on here.

Increase Your Chances of Winning All the Battles with South Park Phone Destroyer Hack!

The entire game events happening here are based on the messages, so the dialogues between the characters are coming in a form of SMS, so do not panic and start checking your inbox for anything because it is only a feature that is based inside the game.

The newly summoned kids on the ground will start walking towards your opponent slowly in order to deal direct damage to him but that will only happen if your opponent ran out of cards or cannot find the right formation to put an end to your marching towards him, make sure that you are winning and obtaining the strongest cards with the South Park Phone Destroyer hack.

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