The AdPocalypse Hack, Cheats, Tips & Guide

By reading this review, we are expecting you to be a fan of the most famous youtubers. And this is the only reason since it is based on taking control over the tubers channels and work on merging them out. not the regular tubers we are speaking about here, but the most famous one globally. Work on increasing the views and expand the channels but this is actually will turn out an action to rebuild the entire world we are living in.

Enjoy over 40 different tubers with their realistic faces, so recognizing them shall not be a problem no more. And do not forget to put your hands over The AdPocalypse cheats, as it will cover any of your expenses inside, and this by turn is making the game much more enjoyable.

The AdPocalypse was created and published by “ProjectorGames” company, it is well known in the field by this type of games. So we are pretty sure it will be breaking records in no time. Luckily, this game is compatible with almost every device out there, thanks to its low requirements. And of course it is supporting the Android and IOS software’s. Download it from the stores for free.

The Ad-Pocalypse Approaches!

Views are down. Revenue is down. You need to breed a new, stronger, streamer army and sacrifice them to the gods of streaming. You have put the last of your savings into buying a cloning machine, and have 98$ dollars left, almost enough to pay for the drone delivery serve!

This must be shocking to your ears to hear for the first time, but this is how the gameplay is going look like from this moment. Reading our The AdPocalypse guide will only help you to understand the game better and have a better grip over the events. So let’s go!

Receive New ProTubers from The Drones.

Keeping the place on the perfect state is the ideal thing to do it, and this will be done by upgrading the drone delivery service as a start. Cover its cost with The AdPocalypse cheats, and remember that is safe and available for you at any time. There are no limits on how many times you can use it.

Tap over the drone to drop the cargo. It be mainly a new tuber that you have managed to clone out. but at the first time, it will be protostreamers. They can be merged together actually. Drag one over the other to begin the merging process right away. Find more valuable The AdPocalypse tips down below.

Unlock New Streamers DNA Continuously!

By merging the strange creatures down there. There will be higher chances to unlock new steamers DNAS, which means that cloning them has become much easier now.

Billy the fridge is our first pretty. He is a super-sized rapper from seater, WA who has been known to push his weight around the YouTube community. Whether he is striking fear or stirring up laughter, he cannot be missed by any means. Unlock new rare DNAS by using The AdPocalypse hack as well. This could be a game changer for you.

And do not forget that the game is following a very smart advertising path, which we will be explaining on the next segment with more details for the ones whom are interested.

Final Conclusion.

The game is following a very hardcore advertising system; we cannot deny that it is very smart but still very cheap. After unlocking a new DNA of a new streamer, there will be a quick info box, that gives you a decent introduction to the type of his work. But that is not everything, as you will get a link to visit his channel on the YouTube application and start watching his work.

That is how the advertising system is working, and with the AdPocalypse hack, you are going to pass by way too many streamers. So skip them all in order not to waste any time.

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