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By using the Witchers cheats, you can get free diamonds!

Witchers is released on 23 May 2017, as the game was created and developed by Eyou Game (SEA).

Witchers is now available for free to download on all the Android devices starting from firmware of 3.0 and higher through Google Play, as the game is also available for free to download on the Apple devices, as it is compatible with IPhone, IPad and iPod touch, however it requires IOS 8.0 to run the game, the game is not suitable for your little children to play it, as it was rated for twelve plus because it contains moderate violence that the children can be affected with, feel free to use the Witchers cheats to get free and unlimited diamonds.

Choosing a unique name is only the start!

When you open Witchers for the first on your mobile device, when you will get to choose your nickname firstly, as you can choose a unique name, as the Witchers guide recommends, to be remembered easily by the other players.

Choose between the three characters.

You will have three heroes to start with, as the first is the warrior, who is a violet swordsman, with sturdy armor, and he is perfect for existence of attack and defense, as he can deal huge damage to the enemies, then there is the mage, who is proficient in frost and thunder techniques, as he is a messenger of the nature, and she is a ranged hero, who can deal damage from distance, and last but not least is the assassin, who can use his phantom step’s merciless hunt, and he is Luo Sha who control life and death, as he has great movement speed compared to the others.

Each one of these heroes that you can play with, as you can play as male or female, you can choose before starting the game, as you will not change your gender after that.

Train you characters well.

If you choose the mage, the first conversation with you, is that she can feel that a strong magician is coming to this island, try to learn the powerful magic spells in order to defeat him.

Then the warrior that you have not chosen, is thinking that he needs to leave this island at this moment, to train at the outside, as this is the only way that he can make him stronger and bringing his moral back higher

You can trade with the others to make a huge profit out of it, as there is village head wish to trade with you, and the item is really a treasure, and better to keep it well, if you do not use it, its popular out there.

Finishing quests will brings to you a lot of fortune!

The Salo Master of paramount has come to Moon Island, so try to go to look for him, as you will be rewarded with lots of experience if you did all you have been told to do, so try to find always for more quests to make, as the Witchers tips always says.

And when you meet him, he will praise you by saying that you are the young man who the village head said, as you have such a good qualification and good potential talent, as he will give you many stats and five thousands gold coins to use in the game, do not forget that you can always get the Witchers cheats to get more gold coins for free as always.

Get free gold coins with the help of the Witchers hack now!

Witchers is a western magical game, which is coming online, you can log in to get VIP and also epic wings by topping up, and do not remember that you can always get free gold coins from this game using the Witchers hack for free, as you will not need to purchase them from the game store.

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