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One of the most promising games which are rising so fast in the charts, it will become the number one trending game in the letters and word creating category, make sure that you are reserving your seat and train yourself on brainstorming and thinking out of the box to become the number one of the leading board, use the Wordscapes cheats as it will provide some sort of assistance for your journey.

Wordscapes was created and published by “PeopleFun, Inc.” company and it is available on Android and IOS platforms freely.

Quick Intro.

The game automatically begins by giving you a simple task which is matching some words together in order to form out a word that is completely readable and could be understood by anyone, this is the main basic of the gameplay here, but you will find more surprises and changes occurring dramatically in the different stages of the game, and our mission here as the creator of the Wordscapes guide we have decided to give you an exact experience with all of its own ups and downs including the deep details of the game features which will ease up the challenge and experience of reverie single new player.

The word forming shape will keep on changing, as you will be asked to from maybe three different words with the same given letters, that will require from you a lot of thinking but the game have decided to make it a little bit easier as you will now realize how many blocks the game will be consisting of exactly, and that is a pro that we cannot ever forget or ignore during reviewing this outstanding puzzle game.

Interesting Features for A Better Gameplay.

We have seen several word matchmaking games out there, but to be honest this one is very unique in every form, you will be surprised!

As we have used to do, we simply jump directly into the settings menu and take a closer look over the changing factors over there, starting with the music and sound, they will change according to a certain plan, this is very interesting and will actually blow up your mind, we advise the users to turn the music off because it could be distracting at some points and listening to your own favorite playlist would be much better, but on the other hand the game sound effects must be enabled as it will let you know about each success or event changing during the gameplay.

Last but not least is the notifications option, turning on the notifications will turn your device into a hell hole, as you will keep yourself updated with all the changes and improvements happening inside the game even without playing it, so if you do not mind getting notified on your device every few minutes about changes or points increment then enable it freely, but if that is something that could be bothering to you, then simply turn it off with a simple tap. Find more valuable and interesting Wordscapes tips written and highlighted over here.

General Tips.

Previously we been speaking about the options which you could modify freely to improve the quality of your game, but we have missed out on one of the most important and entraining feature which is the Facebook connection feature.

Connecting your Facebook account to the game will simply allow you to keep all your game progress and data saved and stored cloudy, which means there is nothing ever could harm it or cause you to lose all your data, retrieve it simply by using the same account that was linked previously, nothing beats such a great move and feature, every single game coming out now is packed up with this feature and we cannot blame them for including and copying other games.

You do not have to link out your Facebook account to the game at any case, you will simply save your game data and progress on the device itself but that places you at the risk of losing everything by the loss of the device mainly or deleting the game, please do not mess up with such a thing.


The main source of power is simply located at the coins and we will be illustrating the following easiest ways to increase your coin’s stock and help you to grow stronger over the time, first thing is watch free advertisement related to the company and receive certain amount of coins for watching it frequently, it will only become available once in a while so you can keep track of the timer over it as it is very reliable and trusted source of coins.

But the most trusted method is by using the Wordscapes cheats and adding it to your list and start enjoying the several free features that gets to be offered by this side of the game, use it and enjoy limitless amount of coins flooding your bank account and they could be used for further upgrades and improvements.

And the most common method is by completing missions and progressing in the game as any ordinary player could be doing, this is the most trending method among the hard workers, but our slogan is to play smart and decrease the effort levels as much as possible that is why the Wordscapes cheats could work as the perfect solution for you right here.

Increase Your Number of Hints Using the Wordscapes Hack Free!

The game has many obstacles and could make you start to hate the moment that you have started playing it that is why you should always consider on tapping over the shuffle or hint buttons, we totally understand that you are not fully aware of how they completely function that is why we will be explaining their use over here, but before anything else, remember that you will be able to get these shuffling and hints using the Wordscapes hack.

Starting with the shuffle button, shuffling is simply changing the letters positons on the given board because sometimes it could give you a reasonable idea behind the word that you are supposed to create, so keep on shuffling the words until you understand exactly the meaning behind the word.

Sometimes you do not have to do so much effort in order to recognize the second or the third word because it could be completed already as each word you are creating shall open a gate or an opportunity for another word to take place, that is why always the beginnings are the hardest use Wordscapes hack to overcome the struggle of finding the right starting word.

The wheel of letters might contain more than three letters actually it will keep on expanding as you progress in the game, and there could be some missions which you are required to form more than a single word using only few letters from the given ones, as you do not have to use all the provided letters in the wheel of letters circle.