How To Start Your Morning On Your Day Off: A Manifesto

Fortunately, not all of us work every single day of the week. So here are some suggestions on how to start your morning when you have just a bit more space and time to take care of yourself:

Sleep until you wake.

Sit on the edge of the bed for some time.

Breathe for several minutes.

Move slowly.


When you find yourself in another part of your home, look at the rays of sun coming through the windows.

Appreciate them.

Have some coffee or tea.​

Sip slowly. ​

Look around.

See what you see.

Breathe again.

Or meditate.

Or maybe say a prayer.


Interact with an animal lovingly.

Do the same with a person.

Do the same with yourself.

Read something inspiring.

Ask yourself what you’re grateful for.


Take a warm bath or shower.

Take the time adjust the water temperature just so (this is an important step).

Luxuriate in it.

Eat something.​

Be quiet.

Look at your day.

Choose the three most important things that you want to get done.

Remind yourself that it’s all right if those are the only three things that get done today .

Be kind to yourself again in some way.

Begin your day.

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather is intended as a guide on how to begin your day and maximize your peace and self-care. The key is to realize that peace is a choice, and that no one can choose to give you that peace but you.

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