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5 popular professions in design

We’ve created a guide for the main professions in design for everyone who hasn’t yet decided on their career, but really wants to work with visual content.

Graphic Designer

The widest and most sought-after profession. Graphic designers work closely with the marketing department and create the brand’s image: they deal with both printed and digital materials. That is why such specialists should be proficient in a large number of graphic tools, be creative and understanding, and also be able to come up with both an amazing illustration for the most banal of news and official presentation for reports.

Another important skill of a graphic designer is stress tolerance and the ability to prioritize, as customers need their materials here and now. …

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How changing your every day habits can make you smarter

In this article, we’ll find out what habits improve brain functioning and even prevent certain diseases. We’ve collected scientific facts that will unlock your intellectual potential and ensure the proper functioning of your brain for many years to come.

Quit smoking

Giving up smoking is a significant step towards improving brain health.

According to a study published in 2010, this bad habit doubles the risk of developing dementia. Within the framework of this study, scientists have been following 21 thousand smokers for 30 years. Those people who smoked more than two packs of cigarettes a day were twice as likely to suffer from dementia in old age. …

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Rules of effectiveness: how to work less and better

We’ve been always presented with a 5-days working week as with an inviolable rule, but is it really so? The times are changing, and so are the standard working hours — many companies around the world have run experiments on reducing work time. Let’s look at what we know so far about how effective the four-day workweek really is and how to work less earning the same income even if your boss isn’t going to introduce a four-day working week in your company.

Company experience: is reducing working time effective?

Let’s imagine that the organization you work at switched to a six-hour working day or a four-day working week. …

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