How students will benefit from TeachMePlease

How students will benefit from TeachMePlease

Searching for a quality course requires a considerable time and effort. Sometimes it may take a couple of hours, in some cases even a couple of days. For example, if we google “guitar courses” (that are not the most popular ones), we will get 53,500,000 results. Just imagine how long it will take to find the course that suits our needs.

What is more, every website has its own interface and it takes time to get used to each of them. This kaleidoscope of different information and pictures exhausts, making us tired of courses, searching, and even the internet.


To prevent this, we need a single website that includes all the possible courses and provides quality current information. In this case, aggregator websites may help. However, not all the information stated there is up-to-date. This leads to the inconvenience of calling service providers in order to find out more details.

TeachMePlease features

The TeachMePlease platform has a database of various educational institutions and private tutors that publish their courses on the platform. This allows students to spend less time searching for the educational program they need. They also have the opportunity to choose the form of education they want (online or offline), compare prices, and choose the best quality to price course.

Founded in Russia, the TeachMePlease platform started to cooperate with the local organizations and search the way to solve the biggest issues of this sphere. However, next year TeachMePlease will become available in Europe and the US as well. Therefore, everyone will be able to study from anywhere in the world and search for courses in the place they plan to visit.

Students will also have fewer reasons to worry about the reputation of the educational institution, since all organizations registered on TeachMePlease need to go through a verification procedure. Our managers also consistently cooperate with representatives of educational institutions and always ready to consult you on the services they provide and the terms of their work.

Service quality guarantee

Unfortunately, students often become victims of fraudulent organizations that either provide low-quality services or create course descriptions that don’t match their content, or even worse — they collect students’ money and then just disappear with them.

We care about our students and want them to study without any fear to be scammed, that is why our platform has a “Safe deal” option. Our managers are also ready to assist everyone in our chat.

Useful tools

It is not enough to just provide students with a database of educational institutions and tutors. For the convenient use of the resource with courses published on it, it should be furnished with various useful tools.

The TeachMePlease platform is constantly being developed. Our team is currently working on the development of a rating and reviews system that will make the search of educational institution quicker and more convenient.

The platform will soon implement a functionality of webinars that will be a logical continuation of an already existing functionality of video courses.

After the integration of TeachMePlease with the DISCIPLINA blockchain, which is currently under development by some members of the project team, we are planning to introduce more useful tools that will make the cooperation between tutors and their students more convenient. A “Smart calendar” tool is one of them — it will allow students to enroll in the courses themselves, without dealing with tutors.