Problems faced by educational institutions — and how to solve them

2 min readOct 12, 2018
Problems faced by educational institutions — and how to solve them

Educational institutions invest a lot in cooperating with their potential students and promoting their services on the market. They create websites, pay for ads, hire managers and administrators, and do many other things in order to appear at the top of search results. All this creates huge expenses and requires significant time and effort.

It is obvious that there is an acute need for creating a resource that will lower the promotion expenses of educational institutions. However, many do not consider its importance, which decreases the effectiveness of providing their target audience with necessary information. As the result, neither the educators nor their potential students benefit from it, as the students do not know about all the services educational institution or private tutors provide.

Theoretically, such a resource should be a single service fitted with various useful tools that will allow participants of the educational sphere to cooperate effectively with minimum effort.

TeachMePlease solutions

TeachMePlease could be this service, as it is currently available for educational institutions to attract students.

Registration and course publication on the platform is free. All the information on the platform has to be verified, and is only allowed to be promoted after it passes a verification procedure.

Educational institutions have all the TeachMePlease tools at their disposal and are only charged a commission fee for courses actually sold.


Our managers are always ready to assist educational institutions with course registration and explain how they can do it themselves. They can also help write a detailed course description that will catch an eye of a potential student, emphasize the key features of the course that will attract more customers, and optimize already existing information.

Useful tools

The TeachMePlease team continues to develop the website functionality that will allow educational institutions to become more attractive for students. They are currently working on the system of ratings and reviews.

TeachMePlease will soon start developing a system through which the managers of educational institutions will be able to choose the most suitable option of the advertisement provided by the platform in their personal account. These options will include advertisement on the platform’s main page, newsletters, advertisement on social networks and search engines.

All this will allow educational institutions to attract more students and spend their time on creating and refining their courses instead of enrolling students in courses and regulating other administrative issues.