Career in government jobs

Why are government jobs considered good? Why youth wants to join government job and not the private sector even though they are paid more by corporates.

Let’s take a look at the current scenario what’s happening in our country and then decide which sector to go for. It all depends on our circumstances, education and family background so situation will never be same for everybody.

1. Pay scale

Yes it may sound funny to many as the comparison or even mere mention is not required. We all are aware how much government pays to the staff.

You call it peanuts if you wish to…compare it to package that say Infosys, Microsoft or Tata motors offers to a fresh graduate. If we look take home of a senior IAS officer, he gets a monthly salary of around 90000/- approx. Add Living + Car + travel etc and figure out.

2. Working hours

Do you even know the concept of 9 to 6 work working hour? I know we have only heard it but ask someone working in a MNC or any of the private firm and you will realize out how precious and important it is. Govt. employees all across India strictly follow this norm. But now things are improving and norms are getting tighter for the government employees also making Govt far more productive. Any laziness or incompetence is not at all tolerated in certain states.

3. Power

Have you ever even tried to walked inside a office of IRS or IAS or? You will feel power in full exhibition and they exercise it in their full capacity. But as it is said that, with great Power comes great responsibility so they job profile is also very difficult.
 Power also gets one convenience, no queues, no wait list etc .Power is a major factor which lure to Govt. Jobs and attracts everyone.
 Even for a normal Govt. Employee, the badge works in many places and certainly it holds lot of value & respect in society.

4. Amenities

Not many organizations especially small private companies don’t give benefits to their employees as they consider it as an unnecessary expense liker LTC (Leave travel concession) where you are allowed to travel to a destination of your choice and the tickets are paid by the company. If you are a government employee you child can get education in Kendriya Vidyalaya’s (Central School). You can stay in government guest house if you go outside your location. Lots of leaves are there so these are all indirect savings that you make while working in Govt.

5. Job Security

Plays a very very important role in todays time. In private sector today you have marked your attendance but u never know you can be asked to leave tomorrow. Once you have bagged a job into government sector, your job is secure until retirement and this plays important factor for people who want a secure and peaceful life since you are not always under pressure to perform. But now scenario is changing. It’s as simple if you cannot deliver then you will be transferred.

So now most of it you know the benefits of joining government jobs but it is not easy to get one. There are lot of institutes in Rohini who teach for government job coaching but you have to find best coaching institute for govt. jobs by your research.

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