Culinary or front office? What cooking means to me

What’s cooking? When I finished my schooling at age 17, I could make a salad and boil an egg. As a student, I made Maggi and instant soup. I got married in my early years, I made the pasta, pasta and pasta. And then at some point a culinary explosion took place in my consciousness and developed a real interest not only to eat good food, but cook the food. Perhaps it was moving to Delhi, was surprised by the variety of foods available. At that moment, many famous chefs began publishing cookbooks, and the way they wrote was what I needed — the dominant type of address required in the kitchen. My skills were lacking many things to suit my palate.

Planning, buying and preparing food take huge amount of my time. It does not bother me. My son was now in grade 12th and he grew up watching me cook lovely dishes and this inclined him as well towards food and cooking. It is a daily pleasure, not a daily cycle. He like the idea of ​​the slow movement, the selection of fresh ingredients, take them home and prepare something delicious to feed our family.

He went from a boring necessity for something approaching an art, but more than that, because it covers a whole range of things that are important to me.

One of the things he like is that it is the creative cuisine — mixing flavors, colors, things that go well together on a plate.

Another thing my son love is the pleasure that gives food, both for others and for him. Thanks to his home science teacher who taught him to cook.

Living in Delhi, me and my son had to learn to love the challenge of providing unusual ingredients (things such as coriander, mint, halloumi cheese, pumpkin, pita bread, limes) in a country where the supermarkets are small, focus on seasonal products and meet the provincial tastes. We love cooking something unusual, source of time and plan the necessary things — if you cannot find at the supermarket, I visited a dealer, ordered what I need and provides the following day. It requires foresight.

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