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This article aims to clarify some of the facts of the hotel industry with the location. Many have developed misconceptions about the hotel and hospitality industry and through various sources, we want to present some facts about the hotel industry to dispel some myths about jobs in the hotel industry.

While most industries looking to hire robots and use information technology for maximum work, there are few industries that still believe in human interventions. The hotel industry, in particular is the first in terms of usage and maintain human resources.

Before you begin reading it and questioning it, here are some quick facts on employment in the hotel industry. Here’s an info-graphic on key statistics on work in the hospitality industry. These key statistics about the hotel and hospitality as career is presented by Les Roches, a first-class international business school. You can debunk many myths simply look at the facts in the hotel business for the hotel sector is probably the largest of these growing contributors to job opportunities.

`Let me explain this in detail:-

1. 337 million jobs worldwide in the hospitality industry in 2023

2. 1–10 employable people would be employed in the hospitality and tourism industry in 2023

3. Even when there is a global slowdown in all sectors of travel and tourism will grow by 4% per year

Now we will go to the myths and bust, one by one, presenting various facts of the hospitality industry.

Few myths about jobs in the hotel industry

· “Hospitality Industry and Hotel Industry are the same thing”

Before discussing the details of myths to work in the hotel industry, it is important to clarify a basic myth. Jobs in the hotel industry and employment in the hospitality industry may be similar, but it certainly is not the same. One is the subset.

Now it is the biggest myth that prevails in the industry. Most people outside this industry, and many in the industry believe that the hotel and hospitality industry are the same things.

The truth is different, though.

The hotel industry is an integral part of the hospitality industry such as cloud computing is the information or diesel technology is the oil industry.

It is a crucial part of the sector, but there is much more to the hospitality and tourism than hotels. We cruises, aviation, theme parks, other public transport, shopping centers, restaurants, travel giants like Expedia and TripAdvisor, apartments, motels, events, educational institutions, e-learning platforms, media and more still.

· “Job opportunities are limited in the hotel and hospitality sector”

The reality is that as a hotelier who are only limited by ideas and not by chance.

We mentioned to the facts of the hospitality industry at the beginning of growth in the hotel and hospitality sector.

The sky is the limit, if there is a will to do the same. If someone in the hotel industry feels they are not growing at a desired speed, they have many other options to explore in the hotel and outside.

In the hotel sector

1. Try to have a cruising season of two years (which would have to earn their place if)

2. Working in the tourism industry. There are many options, including several multinationals.

3. events theme park take place during the high season and can be a good option for job seekers who are bored of the routine life Hotel

4. The casinos are another attractive employer in the hotel industry.

5. There are other endless options and explore in the hospitality industry.


1. Become hospitality consultant. If you have experience, many management consultants would be interested in its potential. Try to explore these.

2. Hospitality Information Technology If you are a technology enthusiast, get a good education or certification and technology or aggregators which unites companies that also meet the hotel and hospitality industry in its portfolio.

3. Participate in the education sector or work for the platforms of professional training.

4. Become an entrepreneur and work to achieve what you like.

Therefore, those who believe that employment opportunities are limited in the hotel and hospitality sector should check his facts about the hospitality industry.

· “Getting jobs in hotels is possible for agencies

Although most industries have moved from regular agencies to high technology platforms, the hospitality industry continues to use many agencies.

This is not because the industry is set in terms of technology, but because of its seasonality. During the high season, the demand for part-time and full-time staff was kept afloat by recruitment agencies.

However, those who believe that these agencies are not the way to find a job in hotels are very wrong. Network is the key instead for a landing the best jobs in the hospitality industry.

It is time that events in the hospitality industry are rewritten, in particular through the participation of recruitment agencies.

Speaking of hospitality and hotel industry

Social media is the new recruitment agency and does not even charge anything from you.

Most hoteliers work the employers but now have an internal team which is very active in the network. They are well connected in network and through the social networks, and can get the best talents.

So, if you are not in the network and wait for the agencies to do the trick, you will miss a lot of opportunities. You should be able to work in the hospitality and research workplaces on LinkedIn through Facebook to stay ahead of the pack.

Then there are plenty of career hospitality portals to assist in the job search process.

Those who think that only the agencies are safe for jobs in hotels, it’s time they step out of the old age. Embrace technological and networking skills and see change.

· “Hospitality industry is only for people who are not good in the academic world.”

Now it’s terrible, I must say. Yes, we do not need many scientists in the hospitality and hospitality industry, but there is more demand for success in the hotel industry.

Dealing with the human being was the most intellectually intriguing task over the years.

Well, the truth is that work in this area has to be an all-terrain. An expert in a field might not be the best solution because the hotels have a dynamic work environment.

However, this means that it is not an academic interest in the hotel and hospitality industry sector. Most who read this are experts in their fields and have been outstanding in studies as well.

Guests entering the hotel are greeted by the guards, participated boys and Bell have their rooms cleaned by the guys in the room with the bed linen collected from the laundry staff. If it is found in small hotels or small properties of galaxies, the perception of this myth is developed.

We dissipate the myth use of some of the facts of the hotels:

1. Most of the hotel’s main hospitality facilities can speak more than 3 languages

2. The best schools of hospitality include in their programs of corporate communication, geography, accounting, human resources, marketing, other language, etc. Out of the regular forms of hospitality.

3. Hotel Management is a career choice and there is a rigorous selection process to enter the best schools. Yes, there are schools that enroll, no exams, but it is not true for engineering and other courses?

4. The best home-based business schools have a research center with hoteliers committed to the innovation of improved start-up ecosystems.

Now they believe that hoteliers and management information systems detected every day. Do you think it is possible for people with average intelligence to manage a diversified portfolio?

Here is an advance of a characteristic property of course management. Does not it seem academic?

Yes, like all other sectors, there are stars in the hotel industry and there are errors, but that does not mean that the hotel industry is lagging behind in terms of knowledge

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