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This post is regarding the most obvious problem which many schools, institutes, universities face — Attendance. But what if we tell you that we have got a unique way to deal with the whole attendance system which is hassle-free, effortless as well as no additional resources are required. Well, we will come to that later….

The thing about attendance is that students and teachers have a completely different perspective of the same. …

Android provides multiple ways to store data in app locally, one of these ways is SQLite database.

SQLite is a very light weight database which comes with Android OS.

Lets dive into the code.

For this tutorial we will be creating a table of students with there studentID, studentName and studentEmail. In this case studentID will act as primary key. Table name will be students and database name will be studentDetails.

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We will create similar table in SQLite. We will perform CRUD operations of this table .

C-Create/Insert R-Read U-Update D-Delete

We will need to add our data to database and also to retrieve our data for this tutorial purpose. …


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