The Cost of Our Weddings
Meghan Nesmith

About $25,000 for a 100-person wedding at a restaurant in Chicago. My parents paid for most of it (and were happy to); my MIL and grandparents pitched in and we paid for our own rings and a few other small costs (and the honeymoon). We did not DIY much of anything — I was working full time and it grad school — and I’m VERY grateful we had that luxury. All of our vendors were low- to mid-range for Chicago…splurged on the photog, went pretty basic on flowers, definitely spent more on a dress than I ever will on any item of clothing but it was not bad by “wedding dress” standards, etc. It’s just expensive to feed and liquor up 100 people in a big city. That was, by far, the bulk of the budget.

Getting married at a place that serves food and drink already makes things SO MUCH EASIER. It cut out a ton of decisions/extra costs — no table rentals, no worries about decorations because it was pretty already, you know the food is good, etc. They even did our cake for us for very cheap.

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