Let’s Throw Some Money at Our Problems: December 2015 Check-In
The Billfold

Arg, I’m not sure where I was when I first started checking in since the old comments disappeared, so here are some approximations:

Starting Mastercard debt, Oct 2015: $5800

Previous Mastercard debt, Nov 2015: $3,878.14

Current Mastercard debt, Dec 2015: $3,813.32

APR: 10.99%

Slow progress on this card, but now the holidays are over, it’s in my budget to get serious on it.

Starting Visa Debt, Nov 2015: $1,960.00

Current Visa debt, Dec 2015: $1,990.27

APR: 0%

Well that’s no good either.

Travel savings goal, starting balance, Oct 2015: $6

Previous balance, Nov 2015: $6

Current balance, Dec 2015: $76

At least I made some progress here — I also made expenditures from this account towards a Mexico trip and am on track to have plenty saved for it by the time it happens.

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