When Did the American Dream Become Flying Private to Dubai?
Kitanya Harrison

All the signs of our economy seem to be that there is an army of people wanting to grind, and if you’re not willing to grind then there is someone else who is. They might be an immigrant, they might be the 20-something who is trying to move up in life, or they could be the 30 something starting their first company for the first time. There is no job security when labor is cheap.

When people are entirely willing to drive 2 hours each way so they can Drive for Uber for 12 hours straight. Wages are going to be cheap. When there are people who are fully aware of the requirements of working in an Amazon warehouse, and do it anyway, labor will be cheap. For all indications there is plentiful labor at the low end of the job requirements spectrum.

“The Grind” is what is sometimes required to get out of the bottom of the skill tree. And it’s worth it to get out. Should we consider more free education? Yes. Should we consider more social safety net? Yes. Are we doing to in this climate? Probably not. Good luck convincing someone today that they need to pay higher taxes on their low wages so that they can support someone else’s “down on their luck” moment. And Good luck telling companies they should pay more when there are plenty of people willing to do the work at what they are paying right now.

“It’s The Market baby!”