2023 Trends That Are Steering The Adult Entertainment Industry

4 min readSep 1, 2023


The adult entertainment industry became renowned in the 20th century with the amplification of adult movies. The biggest build-up was reached with the evolution of the internet. There are numerous platforms today that you can access with this type of content, like adult videos, games, live chats, etc.

Also, we have to recognize the usage of the web and our latest technology in shaping the industry as our creators are able to make high-quality videos at their convenience.

Since half or not most of the content creators on the web are venturing to adult content, here are some trends this 2023 that might be useful for your content creation.

Realistic Videos

We are so used to the average adult movies with famous celebrities and all kinds of settings and storylines. We know for a fact these movies are well-known but we can notice that a lot of people are now interested in something more exciting, like raw videos without edits and scripted dialogues.

Now, there are a ton of websites out there in the cloud along with streaming services where anyone can create a profile and start sharing their content. It’s so easy since all you have to do is record videos on your smartphone.

With that said, this type of content is making and will make a great impact on this industry, especially on large production companies that also have to adapt to this new setting on the market and make something the audience would want. As a result, you will get a variety of categories, which also means that anyone can find the preferable video that will excite them.

Sex Dolls

You can pick your typical Barbie figure or go freaky with Annabelle-type dolls, but this trend is what adult content creators are putting their hands on (no pun intended). I know, dolls are present on the market since 8000 BC in ancient Japan, but with our latest technology, they were made much more realistic.

Obviously, there’s a wide range of sex doll models available and your wallet is the only limit as to its design and your preference. You can pick the under $500 dolls which are so basic. Compared to the $2000 models that give a realistic experience, I suggest you better save your money for this. It gets more sophisticated as there are also dolls with integrated AI technology that has sounds and provide more pleasure.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality can make your experience more personal ’cause you’ll be able to use just your mobile device or register to any streaming platform. The reason why VR headsets are popular among those interested in adult content is that they can watch videos created in a way where the user of VR can feel like he is in the movie.

In addition to that, there are different toys and equipment that can stimulate the body and make the experience even more realistic. While it is still considered taboo, this market is booming in recent years, and the biggest increase was seen during the pandemic.

Video Games

This may contradict the “realistic videos” set up but if you want to experiment with different genres and role-play while representing a virtual character, video games are the best option for you. Even though there are no high-end titles like there are in a regular video game market, there are some very interesting ones that will excite you in your free time. There are some options that you can combine with VR for an even better experience. Also, we expect that this area will improve significantly as we progress.

It is not a surprise that there are many companies active in this industry, and that they are investing a lot of money when there are millions of people interested in different content. The great thing is that there are now many devices available for everyone. The situation was quite different in the past when most sex toys were targeting women. There is a wide selection of toys for both beginners and people who want to experiment more. The use of technology is prevalent and it is responsible for the revolution in this industry.

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