How listening Music Helps To reduce Stress

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Music Reduce Stress

Music makes a very significant impact on our lives and it has been proved from many researchers that it directs affects our emotions. Not only it is a source of enjoyment but also relieves us from chronic stress. In today’s world, every person feels a lot of pressure due to his work or some other reason. Life has become so busy and hectic that it is very challenging for anyone to find a free time for himself. In the end, what left in a person’s hand is to forcefully engage himself in any activing which takes his attention away from his monotonous daily routine.

One of the method to relieve the stress and relax our mind as well as body is making music a part of our daily routine. It is an established fact that music impacts strongly on our mind and body. Also, it helps us to get rid of all the worries that we absorb in our day-to-day life. Not only it has positive effects on our physical health but it also makes a remarkable contribution in improving our mental as well as emotional health.

Basically what music does to our mind is that it takes all our attention and helps us in talking out of thinking about our daily routine. This is similar to doing meditation and it helps our mind to stop wandering on order to focus at one point. Also, listening to slow and classical music is very effective in relaxing the mind and body. It establishes a great coordination between mind and body which ultimately leads to increasing our productivity in daily routine.

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Music reduces the level of stress in our body by boosting the release of stress busting hormones. It also helps in controlling blood pressure and regulating our heart beat as well as pulse rate to make us feel better. Many studies have proved that one can change his mood from sad to cheerful by listening to one’s favourite music. But the type of music should not be sad and loud. Slow and classical music have shown great result in many cases. Also, many patients who suffers from depression and anxiety have noticed an improvement in their psychological behaviour.

Listening to music has many benefits for our health and it improves the quality of our life. Many researches have established that those who play any musical instrument on a daily basis lives their life better than the others who don’t. Playing a musical instruments at an early age helps in increasing the cognitive thinking of our brain. As a result of it, a child’s brain grows more effectively and works well with age.

When a person plays an instruement, it engages the brain completelty into it and distracts the brain from outside attachments. This period relaxes the brain and helps it in recreating new positive thoughts. Hence, it reduces the stress level and makes the mind calm. Also, playing a music instruments helps in improving the coordination between mind and body, which acts as a booster in thinking effectively. Overall, we can say that playing an instrument not only impacts emotionally but also makes a great impact on the physiology of a person.

There are various instruments available in the market to have a great time. Playing these instruments helps in exercising the muscles of a brain and improves its functioning. Every instruments has its own significance and effect on our life. A lot of music therapies have noticed a positive results in a person’s behaviour and on its health. Here we have mentioned a list of three musical instruments and also discussed how it impacts our body as well as mind functioning.

Piano — Piano is a wonderful instrument to improve the functioning of our brain. It helps to keep both parts of the brain busy which leads to the full concentration of the brain in making various combinations. Many corporates include piano playing in their daily life and they noticed a great change in their personality. Not only this, their brain power also increases superbly. While playing piano, a person’s brain is distracted from the outside world and a person feels a sensation of calmness in his body. Also, this practise maintains the level of cortisol hormone which leads to lowering of stress level in humans. Many studies have noticed lowering of stress level in patients, suffering from depression and anxiety. Overall, we can say that playing a piano not only helps in making our brain more effective but it also makes a positive impact on our personality.

Guitar — Guitar also has many benefits on our health. It helps in improving the concentration of our brain which results in reducing anxiety and stress level in our body. Also, by lowering the blood pressure and heartbeat, it relaxes us completely. During the process of playing guitar, the mind gets focussed at one point. This leads it to enter a state of mindfulness and it seems as if a person is meditating by focussing on the task in hand completely.

Drum — Drumming has several advantages for our health. Not only it helps to reduce the stress level but also relieves us from severe pain. When a person play drum, his body produces endorphins which helps to reduce pain. Also, it boosts the immune system of our body and cures Asthma. Studies have found that Drumming produces T-cells in our body helps in curing chronic a deadly disease such as cancer.

So, we can conclude that music deserves to be part of our daily routine. One must find some time to play and listen to music in order to relieve itself of stress or depression. As we discussed above, not only music is beneficial for our mental and physical health but it also impacts positively on our emotional health. Many critcal patients have improved their mental as well as physical conditon by undergoing music thearapies. Instead of taking medicines for stress and anxiety, include music in your list of daily chores and lives your life happily.

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