The ACTION GIMBAL and GoPro mounted to the aluminium extendable pole.

ACTION GIMBAL is on sale in Germany!

Nov 3, 2016 · 2 min read

You may have heard, but we started shipping a few weeks ago! This means that our backers are receiving their products, but it’s also the time to start hitting the market as a business.

For this reason, we are now selling the ACTION GIMBAL in Germany. It will ship within 2–4 days of ordering, and we are still offering a 15% discount, plus you receive a free aluminium extentable pole. If you are not based in Germany, that isn’t all bad news for you. We are still taking pre-orders, and you will still receive your products as soon as our backers have received theirs. And because shipping has already started, this won’t be too long now.

Order your ACTION GIMBAL now, receive a free pole, and save over €44! Use code SAVE15 in the checkout and save 15% off your order. Create steady GoPro footage anywhere, anytime. LUUV’s Action Gimbal is the most lightweight gimbal on the market. Film shake-free and hands-free, with the click of a button. Perfect for anyone with a GpPro or GoPro-sized camera. Compact, lightweight, wearable.

Take a look at the ACTION GIMBAL on this awesome ski run!

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The Berlin based hardware startup LUUV is creating innovative camera stabilization technology for a new generation of filmmakers and turning anyone into a film professional. LUUV’s first product, the revolutionary camera stabilizer, solidLUUV, boasts innovative technology, has received numerous international awards and has been pre-ordered in more than 60 countries. LUUV is currently preparing for imminent market entry.

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LUUV is a Berlin hardware startup which stands for innovative products that revolutionize filming.