solidLUUV Camera Stabilizer:
The What, How & Why.

4 min readSep 29, 2015

A stabilizer does exactly what it says on the tin. In terms of camera and video stabilization, it prevents your body’s vibrations and movements from being transferred to the camera, and eliminates the shake. There are many different kind of stabilizers including lens, in-camera and electronic, but solidLUUV is a mechanical stabilizer.

A mechanical stabilizer works with the laws of physics. In order for your camera to not move around or shake, even when you are, it must be in a state of equilibrium, and our goal is for the camera not to move. When an object is unopposed, it will accelerate, or move, due to force. When opposed, i.e. when the force of an object is counteracted with an object of equal force, equilibrium is achieved and so that force can no longer move the object. This is the mechanical idea behind solidLUUV. If the equilibrium is out, you will get a pendulum effect. We didn’t want to have to do mathematical equations every time we picked up our camera and stabilizer to film, and we didn’t want you to either.

solidLUUV takes out the guess work out of using a stabilizer. It works with a patented weight technology that allows you to adjust it in no time, and for each camera model. solidLUUV’s adjustment ring allows you to fine-tune the weight setup without having to readjust the entire composition. The custom-made XIROS 3-axis gimbal , made by IGUS, separates the body’s movement from the camera, while the grip’s unique structure ensures that the natural vibrations from your hand are not transferred to the camera. This allows you to setup quickly and easily, and shake-free, every time.

Creating quality video normally requires a lot of post production work, which can be very time consuming, and for those on the go, or without a professional filming background, can be virtually impossible. Apart from the advantage of having still footage, mechanical stabilization removes much of the post-production elements, which means that you don’t lose image quality or frame size. This is what makes solidLUUV so perfect for people on the go. It’s so easy to set up, and from a stability perspective, your video is ready once you’re finished filming. Good quality, smooth footage, no matter where you are or how much experience you have.

solidLUUV was created to meet the needs of amateurs and professional users, and in all types of weather conditions. solidLUUV is designed to be operated with one hand, and without compromises. It features plug & play, up & down mode, and is designed to be robust and durable. Basically, we put the hard work in, so you don’t have to.

solidLUUV is modular, meaning it works with all action cameras, smartphones, compact cameras, 360° cameras and our electronic module, autoLUUV, creating ultraLUUV. solidLUUV is designed to work with all camera models, even future ones, as long as they weigh over 1g.

We have partnered up with Feiyu Tech, an high-quality manufacturer for hand-held gimbals. The outcome is ultraLUUV and a partnership that will revolutionize the way you film. ultraLUUV combines two technologies — electrical and mechanical stabilization — and we end up with the best of both. Both technologies have their limits if used on their own. solidLUUV delivers the exact same result if used properly but compared to ultraLUUV (think 2x3-axis stabilization) it lacks the ability to smoothen out mistakes the user makes during operation. ultraLUUV allows you to make these small errors and still end up with perfect footage. ultraLUUV is recommended if you plan on filming while jumping, running or moving a lot, and need to focus on your feet more than the camera. It’s absolutely our choice for “one shot” opportunities.

Create smooth, shake-free videos every-time with solidLUUV! solidLUUV is the world’s first all-in-one camera stabilizer and works with all action cams, smartphones and compact digital cameras.

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