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What happened at CES 2016

Jan 14, 2016 · 2 min read

As each day of CES 2016 passed, we thought it would quieten down with each passing day, though each day, our booth seemed to get busier. And despite our aching feet and crackling voices, we figured that this was a pretty good problem to have. Well over 1,000 people have stopped by our booth to chat to us over the 4 days, including backers, consumers, distributors, buyers, retailers and partners.

One of our backers tests out ultraLUUV with our CEO, Felix

On the last evening we attended a networking event hosted by Hardware Club and Kickstarter, connecting with the entire hardware scene. It was great to be amongst of the leaders in the hardware world, to see how niche the world is, and hear about the great hardware products being developed.

We had some meetings with our friends at Giroptic 360°, Sphericam and our Berlin friends, Panono. 360° cameras and stabilization are huge topics at this years CES, and it was awesome to have people see first-hand what makes solidLUUV and ultraLUUV stand out above the rest.

A number of backers came to visit our booth during the show. One of them was Kell, a Las Vegan with no professional filming background. We were both super excited to see how easily he used ultraLUUV, and his reaction to how good it worked. We asked him why he ordered ultraLUUV and how it was to use. He was so excited, that we just had to get it on camera!

Overall, CES 2016 was an impressive show, and showed us its worth from day one. All the leaders in their field are here to connect with, and we couldn’t be happier with the reactions we received for solidLUUV and ultraLUUV.

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LUUV is a Berlin hardware startup which stands for innovative products that revolutionize filming.