Animal cruelty: Eggs

Chickens are among the most abused animals in our food industry. There are very few laws in place that protect them. Chickens exploited for their eggs are called “layers”.

Chicks born at a hatchery.

Chickens usually start out their life being born inside drawers of huge incubators at a hatchery.

After being born, they are sorted. Male chicks are considered useless in the egg industry, since they come from selective egg-laying strains, which are not suitable for meat production. They are discarded by being gassed, ground up alive or thrown into plastic bags or dumpsters.

Unwanted male chicks in a dumpster behind a hatchery. 
Some of them are still alive and struggling to survive.

One research scientist observed chicks being ground up and said that “even after twenty seconds, there were only partly damaged animals with whole skulls”. With their skulls still intact, they were fully conscious and left to die a slow and agonizing death. Other eyewitnesses have told similar stories of chicks being slowly dismembered by machinery blades.

Other cruel and dehumanizing acts that are committed consists of:
• Debeaking
• Stuffed in small cages
• Bone fractures
• Slaughterhouses 
• Dragged through electrically charged baths

Spread the awareness and stop supporting the egg industry! Eggs aren’t a necessity! Chickens deserve to live a life without being forced into this cruel, unfair treatment. Have compassion and think before you buy a carton of eggs.


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