Announcing the Ventures in the Collab Spring Incubator 2018

Collab is a boost program for Connecticut entrepreneurs. Our main mission is to make entrepreneurship accessible across the state.

A couple months back, we launched applications for our first Collab Spring Incubator 2018. We received 45 applications from over 92 entrepreneurs. After a process of ratings and group discussion, a group of readers selected 6 ventures.

And now, we’re proud to introduce you to the 6 ventures in the 2018 Collab Spring Incubator cohort:

Extra Yard
Founders: Keerome Lawrence

Extra Yard provides accessible, college preparation support to high-school students and student athletes. Extra Yard’s SAT Prep course alone has helped students jump over 200 points on their SAT scores.

Founders: Hojung Kim, Kevin Zhen, Eric Duong

Homecooked is a web and mobile platform that enables users to book meals in the homes of talented local chefs. Homecooked’s recommendation algorithm is their main technical innovation, but the core value is a unique social experience that brings diners from the digital world into the physical world of community.

Love Fed New Haven
Founders: Raven Blake, Dishaun Harris

Love Fed New Haven aims to equip people with the tools and supplies to grow their own food with free garden beds, consulting, and food-scaping services. Their mission is to help our neighborhoods grow their own food at home and cultivate a growing community within New Haven to work towards alleviating food insecurity and practicing food sovereignty sustainably.

Nasty Women Connecticut
Founders: Luciana McClure, Abbie Kundishora, Louisa de Cossy

Nasty Women Connecticut provides a platform of inclusion and community-building through the arts — to elevate the voices of Connecticut artists through popular art exhibitions, film festivals, panel discussions, programs, and more.

Pascale’s Body Care
Founder: Pascale Jean-Jacques

Pascale’s Body Care creates products — including body butters, body oil, lip balm, and deodorant — that are created with 100% certified organic ingredients. Their goals are to promote self-care and decolonize wellness by providing high quality body care products at an affordable cost.

Peels & Wheels Composting
Founders: Domingo Medina (with support from Ahna Johnson)

Peels & Wheels Composting is a neighborhood-scale operation that composts households food waste for residents, schools and small businesses who want to compost but can’t or don’t have the means to do so. Using bikes, bins, and trailers, they pick up your kitchen scraps and other biodegradable materials and take them to farms and gardens for composting.

To learn more about Collab, head to our website. Applications for the Collab Fall Incubator 2018 will open late-summer.