Discover new cryptocurrencies with Apollo18

How does Apollo18 work?

Apollo18 is an on-chain data and intelligence platform. It collects data from several blockchains to assess crypto network activity correctly and then reports metrics and insights to investors. You may use Apollo18 to look up market indicators for any coin and see how many active addresses have completed transactions. Price data is also available and can set alerts and export data. It really differs by providing everything that’s publicly available for these early investment opportunities with no marketing whatsoever.

Here’s how 2022 looks like for Apollo18

  • Smart money (or Scam) detecting features, resources, and new indicators
  • More features and visualizations for your community than any web2, on-chain data, or mainstream crypto data outlet.
  • Combine open-source, social, and on-chain data to prevent information overload while allowing for in-depth analysis of genuine transactions.
  • Identify money sources to distinguish between smart money, scammers, traders, and faithful clients/holders.

Why you need Apollo18?

To foresee variations, you must go back in time, which necessitates technical analysis and this fundamental analysis of the entire crypto market. The research examined the value of a coin over a set period using data the world usually sees in graphs and charts for their machine learning algorithms.



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