By: Muhammad Imran

A Mass Production

Last Saturday marked the release of the mass produced Yeezy to date, Beluga 2.0 (Grey / Bold Orange / DGH Solid Grey). Kayne and Adidas finally listened to their fans at the same time piss off resellers by releasing a larger stock worldwide. As compared to previous Yeezy V2 releases, these shoes rank with the highest production numbers — 89,000 pairs on Adidas EU, 89,870 pairs on Adidas US, 3,003 pairs on Adidas CAN, and lastly 416 pairs on Adidas AUS. Adidas US also cracked down on Bot users, cancelling their orders. A restock happened a few days later with over 13,000 pairs back on the site. Number of pairs on YeezySupply was unknown.


Every Yeezy release, demand is always greater than supply. In previous releases such as the Semi Frozen, it was the most limited Yeezy V2 therefore prices are high — more demand and very little supply. The Belugas 2.0 in this case had a very high supply which meant no competitive prices since a lot of people were able to acquire them.

Rumors flood social media announcing that the Belugas 2.0 were going to be massively stocked so prices on Stockx and GOAT were low before the initial release date.

Prices vary from the low $300 to high $500, deepening on size. Price will stay the same in the future.

Yeezy 2.0 Blue Tints — Last Yeezy V2 of 2017

Release date is December 16th and Adidas has yet to announce the Stores that will be carrying the pairs. It seems very likely that the Blue Tints will see a large stock number but less than the Belugas 2.0. The Blue Tints were first leaked in August. The sneaker features a somewhat light blue upper with a semi-translucent light-blue on the sole. The upper is also matched with a “grey three” colorway and finished off in “High Res Red” with the signature SPLY-350 text.

Where can I buy?


For sneakerheads in Canada, download the limits app from your iOS device / or play store and find the pair you’re looking for with a simple few clicks. The best price you can bid the price you want to cop it for. On the app, the sellers list their sneakers and the buyers find the shoes they want and purchase. Sellers then ships the shoes to limits app headquarters where the shoes are authenticated and then repackaged and sent to the customer. All shoes are 100% authentic and deadstock. Best part is they promise 1–3 business day shipping to all Yeezy Drops.

Download Links

App store:

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Soon the store list will be available and if you luck out on a pair, (if you’re in the US) check Stockx, we always have the best experience with them. Reliable and better prices then your local stores and Goat.

Download Links

App Store:

Play Store:

Let me know what you think about the Blue tints, and the Beluga 2.0. Is Kanye West really going to make this a mass product??

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