Listing LISK, Our Amazing ICO and Referral System

We are excited to share the fantastic news that we have finalized the listing of LISK on our Exchange!

Lisk is a Blockchain application platform, established in early 2016. Based on its own Blockchain network and token LSK, Lisk enables developers to create, distribute and manage decentralized Blockchain applications by deploying their own side-chain linked to the Lisk network, including a custom token. Thanks to the flexibility of side-chains, developers can implement and customize their Blockchain applications entirely.

We are so pleased to add Lisk as another great project working with XERA. For more details about Lisk see here: https://lisk.io/

We have lift off!

All systems go for our ICO Sale

Judging by the very impressive response so far, people are realizing the enormous potential of XERA and how revolutionary the exchange is going to be. There are only a few more days if you wish to join in and take advantage of the current 20 percent bonus. After that, the bonus will drop to 12 percent. See below:

We’ve made the process of registering and buying tokens simple. from our website https://www.xera.tech/ just click the ‘Buy XERA’ link and fill in some details on the screen.

XERA Referral!

Many people are already getting extra using referrals

Why not refer a friend and earn extra! Simply click on the ‘Refer a friend’ link found at the top of your personal account dashboard to find out the details.

If you haven't already, then come and join us on Telegram and other social media — see the links below.

Useful XERA Links

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Telegram: https://t.me/xeraexchange

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