The XERA Exchange Beta is happening!

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Our developers have been working tirelessly and the alpha testing is now 100% complete. The XERA Exchange platform moved into the Beta stage1 where the final ‘internal’ testing took place and any issues were quickly rectified.

The Beta testers will grow in numbers as the platform moves into stage2 and then to the ‘public Beta release’. We anticipate this to be a smooth transition and we will shortly release details on how to sign up and sign in to the new XERA exchange Public Beta.

We will be announcing various incentives for our initial and longer term XERA token holders once the exchange platform goes live.

We already have our partners lined up and upon the exchange launch, we will immediately start adding new coins and token pairs to the platform and eventually add in the fiat integration. Look out for our regular News updates!

If you wish to list a coin or token, then you will soon be able to apply on the XERA landing page where you can fill in a simple form. We will also be considering a voting system for popular coin listings with incentives for the most top voted coins.

The XERA exchange will initially be launched in a basic form, but the aim has always been to add exciting tools and trading facilities as we progress the platform into the future thus maintaining user interest and of course solid growth.

As stated in our previous news item that we need to instigate a token swap and initialize a new contract for the XERA token. We will do this by using our very own developed Blockchain. This is ‘work in progress’ and please be assured that we hold the details of existing token holders and will be re-issuing the new XERA tokens over the coming weeks.

We are building an on-platform Help and Support area which will be available as soon as possible but in the mean time, please raise any issues with the our fantastic Admin Staff within our dedicated Telegram Group room — See the link below.

Look out for more news coming soon and some screen shots of the Beta2 Exchange!

Keep up to date with all our news and be sure to join the XERA Telegram group below.


XERA Exchange: https://xera.tech

Telegram: https://t.me/xeraexchange

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xeratech

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The XERA the Exchange

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