ICO pool — How it works?

While most of the ICOs want you to invest a good deal as a minimum amount to make it to their private sale, as an individual investor it is often not feasible to do the same. But then as you know that most of the benefits come with a private sale you start looking for friends or other investors to make a combined investment hoping to get those benefits. Soon it turns out that finding investors to join you with your idea is not only time-consuming but also not realistic. Therefore the best option that you could take is to join an ICO pool or an investment pool which is an already existing group of experts and individual investors.

How to join an ICO pool?

Before joining or while you’re still looking forward to joining an ICO pool it is important to know which ICO pool to join as there are countless fake investment groups and ICO pools. Once you find the right ICO pool that fits your budget you could simply get on to their website and become a member. But there are few important things that you should be checking as to what benefits you’re entitled to while joining an ICO pool. Some ICO pools offer a premium membership with bonuses such as lifetime free membership after an initial joining fee and unlimited free trading signals etc.

Smart Contract for secure investments

Once you’re a member of an ICO pool or an investment pool, it is important to know how it actually works. Imagine if you were looking to make a combined investment with your friends or acquaintances you would find it very difficult to come at a binding contract and it would mostly be a word mouth contract. But with ICO pools the members are bound to a smart contract and this not only ensures that every member gets his share of the acquired tokens once a combined investment is made in any ICO presale but also it safeguards an individual investor against any type of potential scam or fraud. Therefore it is always recommended that you join any investment or ICO pool that has a smart contract and also make sure you read and understand the terms of the contract.

Dedicated admin and management

Professional ICO pools and investment groups have a dedicated admin or a group that manages the functioning of the ICO pool. There is also a nominal fee that a member has to contribute to keeping the group running and that is utilised towards researching and verifying the trading signals, making sure that investments are duly made in ICO private sales, ensuring that members receive the acquired tokens proportionately, and all such activities that make your investment a successful investment. While everything works in tandem with the smart contract, admins make sure that the members get the most out of the ICO pool.

Reliable trading Signals

Joining an ICO pool is not only about making investments. You could be a member and then you take it slow before you go for any investment directly. Best and professional ICO pools share well researched and statistically verified trading signals. Also, they have an open group in Telegram where their signals could be independently criticised or appreciated. You could join a registered and genuine ICO pool and observe the trading signals they share, participate in their discussion groups and then see it for yourself. You are not pushed to make investments as professional ICO pools are also about helping individual investors get the best trading signals.

The fact that getting it to the private sales of popular tokens is nearly impossible for individual investors, most investors are securing their spots with professional and registered ICO pools. Moreover, the membership in an ICO pool is also not unlimited as that would defeat the whole purpose in the first place. As investing in ICOs is equally about time and money, so is it about being able to secure your place in an Investment or ICO pool. To get the best membership it is important to act upon the opportunity while it is still there.