Yes, it’s true! Kale is one food you should definitely keep stocked in the house. It’s one of the healthiest foods you can eat and contains nutrients that support overall wellness that includes healthy skin, hair, bones, digestion and cardiovascular health. It’s even been linked to improving blood glucose for diabetics, reduce blood pressure, and lower the chances of developing certain cancers.

But truth be told, some people just aren’t salad or veggie people, and the mention of kale doesn’t interest them. What if we told you, you can kale-up your life without even tasting or noticing you are even…

Considering the state our planet is in, it was high time we started living healthier and caring more for our environment. Thankfully, from green buildings and ENERGY STAR-rated appliances to using more eco-friendly transportation options, more and more people are implementing various ways of sustainable living. However, you can take it one step further by growing your own food. With that in mind, this article is here to show you the benefits of sustainable gardening and give you some tips on how to do it. Take a look.

When we talk about a sustainable garden, we are talking about a…

Have you ever wondered if the way we are currently farming is the most efficient and holistic way of harvesting crops and livestock?

In order to mass produce and conserve crops, we use a plethora of fertilizers on our crops that diminishes the soil and contaminates our crops. This does not sound like the best solution.

Is there a way that we can observe nature and then design a system in a way that allows nature to do its own work?

The world is becoming increasingly industrialized leading to major problems including climate change, food insecurity, and environmental waste.

Luckily, there has been a lot of awareness raised within the past few years around the need for humans to live more sustainably.

If you’re here, good!

It means that you’ve already doing more than many others, and are on your way towards living a sustainable lifestyle that will help you live healthier while helping protect the future of our planet and society.

To help you achieve that goal, we’ve put together a list of 5 easy, impactful lifestyle changes you can…

When you get tired of pills, what can help you sleep?

Have you ever had to toss and turn at night before falling asleep? Or maybe you’ve had to count thousands of sheep to fall asleep only to wake up once again.

And what ALWAYS follows is the morning alarm clock telling you to hop out of bed with bloodshot eyes. Waking up with having little to no sleep can the be worst. When caffeine doesn’t do the trick, all you feel is extreme grogginess with a little bit of grump on the side. …

A great activity to introduce to your kids is gardening. Gardening is a productive hobby that teaches young children to be patient and committed — and doesn’t involve a screen! Beyond this, gardening also provides a safe, calming outlet for any stress or anxiety issues.

To make gardening both fun and educational for the young people in your life, try the following tips:

Your hormones are responsible for so many changes that take place on your body. Your skin’s changing textures, mood, appetite, emotions, and complex processes in your anatomy are all run by hormones.

Whether you are falling in love at first sight, feeling proud of your promotion or craving for a bag of Cheetos — it’s all your hormones.

Little did you know that plants can play a crucial part in keeping your blithe hormones around. Plants, specifically fragrant blooms, give you a feeling of vibrancy and happiness.

Women who are given flowers randomly exhibited the Duchenne smile — a smile…

Thailand is a country consisting of amazing people, food, and beautiful scenery increasingly dominated by waste.

Why is this?

China recently banned the imports of several types of waste into the country. Southeast Asia nations panic as the waste from foreign countries that were supposed to go to China are being dispersed to other neighboring Asian countries.

Mountains of crushed printers, televisions, phones parts, video game console components, smashed-up computer screens, and various other electronics are scattered across the different south-east Asian countries.

According to The Guardian, there is an estimated 50m tonne of electronic waste being flooded into south-east…

We all dreamt of owning an aquarium when we were younger.

In fact, we were stunned after seeing Finding Nemo’s first film and desperately wanted to have those fancy swimmers.

Nowadays, more and more individuals turn to purchasing modern, contemporary designed aquariums that fits in a minimalist setting. Stylish lighting, crystal clear glass, quiet filters and some really colorful fish species do make industry fads.

Thinking of purchasing your own aquaponics cube?

Here are five things you must know before raising your own micro-ecosystem.

How To Finally Achieve Your Goals This 2019

It’s Time To Stop Pushing Back Your Goals

Have big goals for the coming year, but feel like you’re always stretched for time?

We get it — we’re all busy and life can throw curveballs at us.

But this next year will be different because there is a solution!

The key to getting ahead and saving yourself time is to identify the things that you shouldn’t be doing — the low value tasks that you’re doing that add little intrinsic value to you.

A great rule of thumb is to free up 10 hours a month every six months.

If you can find a way to find and…


Our goal is to innovate with nature and reconnect people with our environment.

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