The Theme in Dreams

I’m alone, but not at first. There are familiar faces, friends, family. Everyone is having a good time. Everyone is happy. Then something sparks a change. I don’t know what it is. Everyone got bored, everyone wanted to go, I wanted to go. So we decided to go. We looked for my mother I think. I don’t know why she would have been inside this building behind us. Why she would have been in this part of town. I didn’t even no what part of town this was or if it was. I try to climb in the door. Why I need to climb I don’t know that either. It’s some kind of cool New York or Chicago style loft. Hipster. I get in through the window. But wait..we must go back to earlier. There were these men. They were looking for my brother. They were mean and tough like 90's hip hop, like boys in the hood. But they left. Now they were back. Mother was nowhere to be found. I didn’t speak to my sister. She was there I’m sure of it. There when everyone was happy, there when there were friends. She climbed in the window after me. We didn’t speak but we knew the next decision was to close and lock all the windows and doors, pull the shades shut the curtains. We move frantically. I head to the back of the house and do just that. As I’m running to the front I hear them, yelling, pumping up, getting excited and antsy as if they have no choice but to do what they are about to do. She’s not there, my sister. Where has she gone? Some of the windows are still open. I’m moving as fast as I can and I know its not fast enough. “I’m gonna bust a cap in that ass!”. I’m scared, I’m panicking. Its to late they saw us earlier they know someone is bound to be here and if not then they can at least fuck the place up. Tears are running. My life..I’m scared. I’m scared….

I wake up. I haven’t had a dream like that in over a year, maybe two. I’m terrified. What has brought this back? This dream this feeling? I’m still scared. It was all so real until I woke up. It was all so real…

But wait there’s more…

I remember why we were at the loft or at least leading up to it. We were at a show. It was fancy but not formal I guess. We watched or saw something. I think it was in a mall or a building like so because I remember meeting up with friends there and seeing old ones from high school. They danced up to us as we cheered in reuniting. Then after that is when it got boring. There were girls there I didn’t particularly like but had no reason to hate them. They got bored, he got bored, she got bored and we all ended. That’s when it all began. But before, even before that. The show. I saw someone. Shonda Rimes. She’s an idol of mine. She was so nice and I was shy but warmed up quickly. I told her I was a secret writer was trying to tell her it was because I thought I wasn’t that good. I introduced her to my mother and my sister walked by clueless. It was such a good and happy moment. Such a good and happy dream. And then it wasn’t.

And it was day. It wasn’t night.

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