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I think I’ll need another day or two with this one, here’s why…

From the book:

“This idea is, of course, the reason why you see only the past. No one really sees anything. She sees only her thoughts projected outward. The mind’s preoccupation with the past is the cause of the misconception about time from which your seeing suffers. Your mind cannot grasp the present, which is the only time there is. It therefore cannot understand time, and cannot, in fact, understand anything.” A Course in Miracles (p. 910). Foundation for Inner Peace. Kindle Edition.

Oh. Boy.

I mean, I get it, but it hurts my head to think about it. I’ll have to let this one process a bit.

Any thoughts on this one?

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Okay, so I’ve stopped calling them ‘Days’ and started calling them ‘Lessons’. Mostly because I’ve needed a few more days with some of the lessons, like this one, and now the days and lessons don’t match.

I just love a course where there’s no right or wrong way to learn, no time limits, schedules or rushing to get something done by a certain date or time. A Course In Miracles allows you to be you, and take it in as you need to, not as someone else thinks you should learn it.

I needed a couple of extra days on Lesson 7 because I understand exactly what it means, and just how important it is. …

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The way to practice this exercise is laid out in the book, practiced by saying to yourself:

“I am angry at ____________ because I see something that is not there.”

Oh. Yeah.

I get it, it’s perfect for me right now because I’m having ‘problems’ with a tech client, and I am oh-so-quick to see things that aren’t there. And get angry about them.

I also tend to worry about things that are not there or have not happened yet.

I also have been known to have conversations in my mind with people who are not present, and then getting angry at them for things they never said — only what I thought they would say. …

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