CREMIT has organized a Telegram Trivia Quiz competition to earn CRMT and KNW tokens. In the competition, first 5 participant who answer correctly will earn 3 CRMT and 1 KNW Tokens each.

KNW Engagement reward: If you answer incorrectly, will STILL earn 0.1 KNW Tokens each.

Quiz Question — According to the CREMIT development roadmap, when is the fixed deposit service launch scheduled?

The Correct answer is: FEB 2019

The Winners are:

* 3 CRMT *

1. Syamsu_RA: Tick:636749807456062612

2. DeniMelh: Tick:636749807475749953

3. RiskaRismayanti: Tick:636749807708874686

4. Sh4dowCrypto: Tick:636749808858247020

5. Lanterhians: Tick:636749809151059050

Congratulations to all the winners. 3 CRMT has been rewarded per winner. and 1 KNW Tokens each.

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Thank you all for playing the Telegram Trivia Quiz!.

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The next question will be posted at 10/13/2018 10:00:00 AM EST.

See you then!