CREMIT is happy to announce the community manager’s team from different countries, like Nigeria, Philippines, and Indonesia. We are happy to welcome all team working as a Community Manager. We are now going to handle the community group for different communities, so if you have any queries you can join that community group which we have provided below.

Meet the team here:

  1. Shahid Setia Ashari (telegram id- @STBGMESEM2) from Indonesia
  2. Wan Ty (telegram id- @Incredible1ne) from the Philippines
  3. Dewi Lovely (telegram id- @dewi1888) from Indonesia
  4. Efobi Charles (telegram id-@charlicool2) from Nigeria

Join the group:

1. For Indonesia —

2. For the Philippines —

3. For Nigeria —

Join your community and feel free to ask your queries, our community manager will help you to solve your queries as early as possible.

Thank You.

Happy investing in CREMIT!