Cremit Team
Oct 19, 2018 · 2 min read
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CREMIT Welcomes a New Partner — Knowledge Alliance

The CREMIT momentum continues with 1 new partner! We are proud to introduce the latest additions to the CREMIT: Knowledge Alliance.

The Knowledge Alliance was launched on Sept. 20th with the mission of rewarding enthusiasts for learning about decentralization, the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the latest projects. Knowledge Alliance Partners are the cutting edge and established blockchain projects alike that have pledged a percentage of their own token supplies in the effort of engaging the community with education about their projects and blockchain.

CREMIT is the Newest Supported Token Rewards in the Knowledge Account

As part of rewarding tokens through the KnowledgeBot Pilot Program, Cremit (CRMT) Tokens will be the latest supported token rewards in the Knowledge Account. Users who engage in CREMIT’s KnowledgeBot quiz game will be rewarded with the CRMT tokens in their Knowledge Account.

Join the conversation on Telegram:

To learn more about Knowledge visit their website:

Register for a Knowledge Account — Win CRMT Token Rewards

The Knowledge Account is the universal account of the Knowledge Ecosystem. By engaging with the KnowledgeBot quiz game on Telegram, or by playing TriviaSpar you have an opportunity to earn more CRMT tokens!

To know more about cremit visit our website:

Happy Participating, Happy Rewarding!

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