Why Facebook Marketing is Important for Promoting Business Nowadays ?

In the era of Social Media, Facebook Marketing has emerged as one of the most effective and successful weapons to promote and market a business. With over a billion plus active users, Facebook is by far, easily the largest and most successful Social-Networking Channel in the world.

Due to its phenomenal reach and daily usage across the globe, businesses can’t ignore it’s effect but to use it the right way, it’s important for businesses to learn and understand its many unique features and tools and how they can be synergized to make the whole marketing campaign result-oriented and successful.

Digital Rank a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad is well-placed to train and help businesses use Facebook Marketing in ways that not only helps to attract new customers, but also helps to extract rich dividends in the form of healthy sales and business.


If you’re looking to use Facebook to grow and promote your brand, here are some useful guidelines to exactly do that, the right way.

  • CLEAR MARKETING STRATEGY: To begin with, it’s vital to have a clear-cut marketing strategy. For instance, if your intention is to attract more people and convert them into customers, then you need to create a post in Facebook, luring them with not only good quality products / services but also with special incentives like discounts, special offers, etc. To make the post attractive, keep refreshing the post at regular intervals with fresh content / taglines, images and style of presentation.
  • MAKE FACEBOOK PAGE SEARCH EASY: Often searching for a Facebook Page can be tedious and time-consuming and at times, even unsuccessful, which can annoy and drive-away the customers. To avoid the same, you could do well to implement the following:
  • Have Facebook Page’s URL displayed on Banners, Posters, Booklets, Brochures / Flyers, and other forms of advertising materials.
  • Have Facebook Page’s URL displayed at the bottom of your different Emails.
  • Have Facebook Page’s URL displayed on your company’s Letterhead and Business Card.
  • Have ‘LIKE US ON FACEBOOK’ Widget displayed prominently on your Website & Blog. This will encourage visitors to make a beeline to your Website and Blog and later give their impressions and also share their views with their contacts and other people.
  • Offer exclusive deals and discounts to invite people to your Sales and Promotional activities.

To keep the Facebook Page interesting, keep updating the Page with fresh attractive content at regular intervals. This will help sustain interest in your Facebook Page among visitors.

  • LURE CUSTOMERS WITH BONUSES / GIFTS: Facebook Networking events are a good place to attract and lure existing and potential customers with bonuses or gifts for Liking OR Checking into your Business. This way, you can build up more likes, convert likes into customers and encourage them to promote your business through sharing your business details with their contacts / friends — all these would help lead to more business and also repeat business.
  • MAKE USE OF FACEBOOK ‘OFFERS’: Facebook offers a useful free feature called ‘Facebook Offers’, that allows your business to share discounts with your customers through posting of the Offer made on the Facebook Page. What results is that when someone claims an offer, the said person will receive an Email which can be used to take the discount at your business (Online Store OR In-Store). The offer can be created from your Facebook Page OR from the Ads Create Tool (a utility tool provided by Facebook). If leveraged properly in an attractive way, it is sure to help spread brand awareness and also attract newer customers.
  • MAKE USE OF FACEBOOK ADS: Facebook Ads is an extremely useful asset that if used with creativity and imagination with eye-catching images, headlines, and calls-to-action, can promote your business, target your audience and above all, fetch rich dividends. More importantly, you can also get to see who is seeing your Ads and learn about their age, gender, location and interests.
  • USE PICTURES / VIDEOS: As attractive elements of appeal, they can be used to frequently keep people (like friends, contacts and other users) engaged, engrossed, and entertained. FOR INSTANCE, if yours is a Fashion Apparel Business, you could post attractive images or videos of your newest fashion collection in the marketplace.
  • CONDUCT SURVEYS, CONTESTS, GAMES: To keep your existing / potential customers engaged and interested, ensure interactive sessions from time to time with contests, polls, surveys, games, etc. This will get them interested to participate in them, enjoy themselves and grow to like your business more. Coming to Polls, Contests & Surveys, keep the whole content short and interesting while also providing for a link that users can easily click to share details of your contests, surveys, etc, with their friends / contacts.
  • KEEP UPDATING FACEBOOK PAGE REGULARLY: To make your Facebook Marketing more interesting, ensure frequent updates. This will attract your Facebook Page users to keep coming back often and check the page. At the same time, care should be taken to not overdo the update aspect for if done they will render the meaning of the Page useless and make it not worth visiting.
  • ENCOURAGE USERS COMMENTS: To get to know your Facebook Page users thoughts and impressions, encourage them to respond to your Posts and post their comments. Also ensure from your side, to reply quickly to their comments. This way, you can strengthen and nurture existing relationships and build-up newer relationships.

In addition to the above, use Facebook Analytics at regular intervals, to track users using and interacting with your Facebook Page. You will get to learn what aspect of your Facebook Page interests them and what keeps them coming back to your Facebook Page often. The Analytics output will help you to make adjustments to your Facebook Page Content, Images, Advertising and so on, accordingly, in line with their preferences and likes.

Digital Rank, one of the top Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad, is well-positioned with the requisite expertise and resources to help businesses use Facebook Marketing in the most effective way to engage visitors and promote their business. With its extensive expertise, Digital Rank can help businesses create an attractive Facebook Marketing campaign, build a strong Facebook user presence, and most importantly, get the best value for their Facebook Marketing investment.